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When we think of YouTube we might just think of it as the site that gives us all those viral videos, but never really think of it as a place we would visit daily to watch our favorite shows as we would with TV. But that’s exactly what it can be, especially if you’re finding the right shows or channels. These channels are the best things on YouTube right now that will have you checking the site daily for new videos by your new favorites.

Just Between Us
The friendship between Gaby and Allison, the two stars of this channel, is so relatable that it’ll feel like they’re already a part of your friend group. Through their sketches and their chat show, where viewers send in questions that Gaby and Alison then answer—sometimes with the help of guest stars—these two are tackling all the issues relevant to any woman struggling through her 20s. Love, sex, friendship, relationships, and dating are all topics that they approach with wisdom and humor. Just watch a few of their videos and you’re sure to be hooked!

If you’re nail obsessed this then is a must-watch channel. Giving tutorials on countless amazing techniques and nail art designs, the things that host Sandi comes up with will blow your mind! Instructions are easy to follow and the videos are well-produced, making it super easy to re-create the looks on your very own. You don’t have to be a pro to get professional looking nails if you simply start following cutepolish on YouTube!

Kandee Johnson
Celebrity makeup artist Kandee Johnson’s channel has everything you could possibly want when it comes to beauty. Her makeup transformation videos—where she transforms herself into celebrities, Disney princesses, and even Barbie in a recent post—are fascinating, and her tips and tricks, makeup 101, and DIY remedy  tutorials are super helpful. She also has an ‘Inspiration’ series, where she talks frankly about a variety of subjects, from her own personal experiences to issues about bullying and negativity, and these videos are super heartfelt and uplifting. You won’t regret subscribing to this channel.