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I’ll try almost anything to keep my skin looking young and vibrant. I’ve had skin problems for as long as I can remember and have spent a small fortune to find the right products for my skin. My routine is a bit complicated with a lot of different products, days to use them and different results.  I recently found Lavelier Marine Essentials and am really happy with not only my results but also the easy routine of using their products.

Every morning I use the Lavelier Eye Firming Concentrate to give my eyes that extra boost. Then once a week, I use my new treasured favorite! I feel like I’ve always had big bags under my eyes, even when I was very young. Lavelier’s Advanced Marine Bio-Syringe is made of complete magic and I almost don’t want anyone to know about it so that I can keep my secret safe forever! After a few uses of the non-surgical syringe, the skin under my eyes looks less swollen and puffy. Between both of these eye-related products, I’m not sure which is more beneficial but I’ve definitely noticed some of the wrinkles near my eyes get smaller and less pronounced.


Another cool product I’ve started incorporating into my weekly routine is the Intensive Facial Peel. This exfoliant is powerful on removing the dirt in my skin, yet so gentle that it leaves my skin feeling super fresh and invigorated. I try and use the Intensive Facial Peel once or twice per week on my face and also my neck – never forget about your neck in your skin care routine! Above all else, I’m absolutely obsessed with the Marine Deep Moisturizer. I use it every single day (and especially after I use the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel). The moisturizer is super hydrating, lightweight and smells like heaven.


The natural ingredients in all of Lavelier products must be interacting well with my usually sensitive skin because I’ve never been so happy with how my skin looks and feels.