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There has been a lot of mystery and detective action T.V. series throughout the years such as CSI, Sherlock, and True Detective, to name a few. Recently, however, there’s something new which is taking TV series lovers for a new and interesting ride. Penny Dreadful is set in Victorian London and with stars such as Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett, and Eva Green, spending some time to catch this series is definitely worth it.

Why Penny Dreadful is the Next Best TV Show - 2What’s It About?

The three lead characters are adventurers who encounters ghastly events – conspiracies if you may – which are bordering on the gory and hard to bear. Despite being more on the bloody side of mystery, it captures the hearts of viewers by presenting them with engaging episodes which touch on topics such as Jack the Ripper, Dorian Gray, and Van Helsing among others.

What Makes It Good

Needless to say, the actors and main actress who play the lead roles are enough to get you hooked. Josh Hartnett plays the role of Ethan Chandles who is a charming man unafraid of what his actions may bring him. Timothy Dalton plays the role of Sir Malcom Murray who was an African explorer and he happens to be on a quest to find his daughter Mina who had been kidnapped. Of course there’s the beautiful Eva Green, known for her roles such as Vesper in Casino Royale and the lethal Artemisia in 300 Rise of the Empire. Here, she plays the mysterious role of Vanessa Ives.

Why Penny Dreadful is the Next Best TV Show

There are 8 episodes so far, 6 of which have been aired on Showtime. It debuted on April 28, and so far has been received well by the viewers. Personally, I think what makes it good apart from the great cast is the setting – Victorian London is always a joy to see, and when subjects such as Jack the Ripper and Van Helsing are involved, I can’t help but feel a certain pull to see how artfully they can pull those scenes off!

Why Penny Dreadful is the Next Best TV ShowIf you’re in need of a good TV series, here’s my bet for the next big thing that you ought to keep your eyes out for.