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Social media and other online platforms have a way of keeping you entertained, thrilled or outright stunned. Whether you are into cat videos, memes, children messing around, or some awkward moments caught on camera, the internet has something for everyone. 

So, what keeps you glued to the internet – is it the fails or the wins? As the year comes to a close, here is a look at the 20 funniest viral videos of 2019 so far.      

Dad Drags Daughter Through Airport

When kids get irrational and hysterical, dealing with them is a tall order. In that state, shouting at them might make the situation even worse. Ask any parent and they will tell you that sometimes you have to think outside the box. Case and point, a dad who dragged his daughter by the hood while going through the airport.

 The incident was caught by a bewildered bystander in Dulles International Airport, Virginia, US. The person who filmed the viral video captioned that the kid wasn’t fussing or anything – just enjoying the ride. 

Thief Trying To Steal a Bike Outside a Police Station

Some of the best viral videos involve dumb criminals. At the beginning of the year, netizens were treated to one such clip, this time around from a police station. In the incident, a man can be seen trying to steal a bike. The kicker; there is a sign right by the bike rack saying “Gladstone Police”, in caps!  

The hooded man, identified as Adam Valle, was armed with bolt cutters. What’s even funnier is that the attempted theft was taking place as officers watched on a screen. In the end, the 26-year-old man was almost being tasered before he was put on cuffs.

Jealous Husky Drags Puppy from Special Seat

Jealousy can be destructive and apparently its even worse amongst animals. An attention-seeking husky was caught struggling for a ‘special seat’. The pooch is seen walking up to a sofa where his owner and puppy are having a nap. Clearly annoyed, he drags her puppy off the couch.

Bullet, as he goes by, is a celebrity internet pooch from China. Next, the 3-year-old dog hops on the couch and snuggles next to his owner. To further assert possession, he places a paw on him.   

Spongebob Sweet Victory, If It Played At The Super Bowl

If only you could always get the things you needed, and not just what the universe decides you deserve. Well, that’s why we have the internet. After Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants died, fans wanted a proper tribute. What is a better way than to honor him than during the Superbowl?       

Fans started a petition to have Maroon 5 perform the hit “Sweet Victory”, during halftime. The choice of the song came from Band Geeks one of the cartoon’s greatest episodes ever. In the episode, a band from Bikini Bottom performs the song at the competition’s finale. Maroon 5 even teased about the possibility

Man Hilariously Trying to Control a Hoverboard

Watching people falling off hoverboards is one of the funniest things on the internet right now. In yet another hilarious video, a totally unprepared man is seen struggling to control the fickle gadget as his family cheers him on.   

Initially, he struggles to get on and once he does, the real nightmare begins. The man, who goes by Joey, can be heard complaining that the board won’t stop moving. Luckily, he doesn’t end flat on the floor- though he does come pretty close

Pokemon Detective Pikachu: Full Picture

Trust Ryan Reynolds to hype up his films. Even with official teasers and trailers, the Deadpool actor finds a way to endear himself to his legion of fans. Before Detective Pikachu hit theatres, he tweeted about a possible leak. Within hours, the internet was alive with fans waiting for a clip or two of real footage.

What followed was a 1 hour 44 minutes long clip of Pikachu dancing. The runtime is the same as the movie itself, making this the ultimate troll. With about 29 million views on YouTube so far, it seems the gimmick worked. That’s genius market right there!   

Dad and Babbling Baby Having a Conversation

Laughing babies have taken over the internet of late, but have you seen talking babies? In one of the most hilarious videos of the year, a father and his 19-month old baby carry out a funny conversation. It was recorded and uploaded on Facebook by Shanieke Pryor, the toddler’s mom.   

The video shows comedian DJ Pryor and baby Kingston relaxed and in the middle of a full-fledged “adult” conversation. While you can’t decipher what the babbling baby is saying, he says it in a way that shows that he is fully aware of the happenings.  

4 Year Old Mic’d Up At Hockey

Life could definitely be easy for parents if only they could read their kids’ thoughts. While technology has not caught up with our every wish, it has given us tiny microphones. A father planted a mic on his son and recorded his ramblings during hockey practice.

The video gives a glimpse into the 4-year-old’s thought process. In the over 6-minute clip, the boy mutters “one, two, one two” as he gets his balance on the ice. At some point, he even gives a commentary to a second-long nap.

Interpretive Dance by Aussie Politician

In politics charisma is everything and in a world where millennials make up a huge voting block, hilarity is becoming commonplace. In an effort to woo voters on a tight budget, an Aussie politician decided to dance his policies. The 30-year-old was running as an independent candidate for a House of Representatives seat.       

In the video, Alex Dyson, a former radio DJ uses interpretive dance to articulate his wind and solar energy plans. He also talks about mental health- as he makes the weirdest moves you will ever see.   

Dobby The House Elf Caught on CCTV

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you probably know of Dobby the House Elf. In the fiction world created by J.K Rowling, Dobby looks out for the boy wizard. But now in a video that is both funny and frightening, it seems like the elf has crossed over to the real world.  

In a driveway at night, the creepy creature can be seen walking from a house into the street. So far, theories include aliens, a kid in costume and video manipulation. Vivian Gomez, the woman whose security camera caught the footage, maintains that it is the real deal.  

Lil Nas X Performing For Kids

It’s fun and a little disconcerting watching grownup go crazy on meeting celebrities. But when kids do it, you bet it is funny and adorable. One such rare moment was caught on camera when Lil Nas X supprised school kids

The video was captured at Lander Elementary School in Ohio. You can actually see some of the kids freaking out when the Old Town Road singer entered the stage. Without missing a beat, the kids jammed to the song excitedly.  

Keanu Reeves Plays With Puppies On Buzzfeed

It’s hard to think of Keanu Reeves as anything but macho. In a recent Q&A with BuzzFeed though, fans were treated to a very cool and normal man. We could be wrong though, maybe we are in the Matrix?    

In the viral 5-minute clip, Keanu plays with puppies as he answers fans’ questions. Some of his answers are witty, while others are outright funny. The clip was released at a time when he was riding high with John Wick: Chapter 3 while also promoting Toy Story 4

Dog Mocks Teenager’s Broken Leg Walk

Man’s best friend will keep you company and sometimes mimic whatever you do, no matter the pain you are in. If you are looking for a funny and cute video, here is one of a teenager with a broken leg and his faithful dog.

The viral video captured the dog following a boy as he walks around with crutches. Sawyer, the dog, seems to have studied the boy’s movements for some time since he too hobbles in perfect mimicry.          

9-year-old Busted Using Alexa to Cheat on Homework

Every generation comes up with ways of circumventing rules. In the current age of smart devices, academic cheating is becoming even trickier to control. A telling case involves a 9-year-old kid using Alexa to ace his homework.

His mother was preparing supper when she heard Alexa in the background as the kid did math homework. According to Leanne Gormanley who took the video, her son Bryce was completely oblivious to her presence. What’s more, the boy doesn’t appear to understand what the fuss is all about. 

A Man Driving a Motorized Casket

A couple was treated to a shocking mode of transport in Savannah, Georgia. During a traffic stop, a man in casual wear is seen fueling some kind of a casket vehicle. The peculiar ride balances on three wheels with an open-top where the upper body should lay.   

“He is driving a F—ing casket!” the woman recording the clip can be heard uttering. The driver looks in high spirits as he turns to the camera, says something unintelligible, throws up a peace sign and drives away.      

Horse Playing Dead to Avoid Rides

Animals playing dead is a survival mechanism seen across most species. The action is usually occasioned by a life and death situation. When the same happens without any discernible danger, it becomes quite funny to watch. Jingang, a horse does just that whenever he is too lazy to ride.

The rebellious horse actually goes a notch higher in the act, by being totally theatrical. He buckles, flops, and rolls whenever a rider tries to hop on. The effect usually ends with him lolling out his tongue and twitching his eyes.    

Grandpa’s ‘Dying Wish’ Funeral Prank

This is arguably one of the funniest videos of the year. Mourners were left in stitches after a funny recording played during a funeral. The prank was planned by the late grandad Shay Bradley. Before he died, Shay recorded a message calling to be let out of the coffin since it was dark in there.  

The video was posted by Andrea, daughter to the deceased. On twitter she gave context to the prank: “It was his dying wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man, to make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad.”

Deer Freaking After Head Falls Off a Decoy

The internet is full of randy animals getting confused by decoys. This clip though comes with a funnier ending when the decoy’s head falls off. According to the New York Post, the video was shot in Eldorado, Illinois by the Bergan family.

The family was spying on the deer through a window when it decided to make a fool of itself. Lana Bergan’s commentary and a romantic soundtrack as the amorous action plays out makes the clip even funnier. Also, a kid can also be heard saying, “Oh my gosh, I’m so scared right now”.  

Mailman Stalked By a Wild Turkey for Months

If an animal, however small, dislikes you the results can be hilarious. Take for example a particular wild turkey that has been viewing the mailman as the enemy. In a video first uploaded to Facebook, the bird can be seen “stalking” the mailman relentlessly as he drops letters. 

With time though, the bird moved from harmless stalking to attacking the mail truck. According to Sherry Michaels, the resident who uploaded the now-viral video, the turkey has been on it for over three months. Bryne, the mailman, says that animal trouble is common in the job but this was his first “fowl” incident- pun intended.  

Had you watched any of the above videos? Which ones have you added to your list? These videos have kept the world entertained through 2019. Lucky for you, we have put them into one basket where you can just pick any and laugh away!