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Deciding on which art to buy is not easy; not when there are like a million options to choose from. From paintings and prints to drawings and photographs, art is versatile. You also have to decide which theme to go with. As a form of presentation, your choice also has to take the desired emotion into consideration.

What about the price of art? As it happens, a square foot piece of art can cost as little as one dollar or a fortune. Whether you are looking for a contemporary piece or a Picasso, there is art for everyone. To help you get some interior inspiration, we have compiled a list of 16 stunning art prints for every budget. 

Hunter’s Moon by Paul Lyons from $10

For a print that looks like a page straight out of a graphic novel, go for Paul Lyons’ pieces. The Rhodes Island native is an illustrator and printmaker with a background in comics. He specializes in concept art for games, illustrations, and digital paintings. Hunter’s Moon is part of Paul’s limited works produced through serigraphy.  

The technique came to be in the mid-19th century with artists such as Andy Warhol, a visual arts pioneer, popularizing it. As a medium, serigraphy produces amazing color effects not seen in paint and brush artforms. The print depicts an orange moon bleeding from craters with arrows driving into it. This surreal art will fit as a colorful addition on a comic-themed space. 

MG Dumbo by Anna Huskowska from $12 

Are you a movie enthusiast? How about owning a classic poster from the era of technicolor and Casablanca? This was a time when movie posters were done almost exclusively by hand. As opposed to today’s digital printing, every movie was an opportunity for painters to showcase their talents.


For the Polish poster of the 1941 Walt Disney’s Dumbo, the task fell on Anna Huskowska. For the same price range, you can get other prints of her original works including Orfeu Negro (1959), María Candelaria (1944), and Édes Anna (1958). Dumbo will look great in a kid’s bedroom, kindergarten or an animal-themed attraction.  

Moon Phases by Kate Jerry from $44 

As creatures of seasons, we find beauty in heavenly bodies that signal changes in nature. And what says times are changing than the phases of the moon. These prints will do for any room in your house. They evoke the coming of the night, new life and opportunities.         


Celestial art comes in many forms to cater to different tastes. If you are into gothic subcultures, get yours in grey prints with a black background. For a more colorful feel, go for art with a different color for every moon-phase. For the full heavenly experience, you can have the artist include stars.

Geometric Art by Cristian Mielu from $85

Also known as geometric abstraction, geometric art is art based on shapes, points, and lines. It uses simple shapes such as squares, triangles, and circles to create movement and emotions. This form of artistic expression has evolved over the years with movements such as Cubism, Futurism, and Vorticism taking centre stage.  

You can get any piece from this art including animals, landscapes, and sculptures. Although the genre became popular during the avant-garde movement of the 12th century, modern artists have embraced it. Such is Cristian Mielu’s unique digital vector art, from which you can get anything from a Monalisa to a Daenerys print.         

3D Illusions by Stephan Pabst from $350  

If you are tired of the traditional two-dimensional art, maybe its time you looked into the more realistic-looking 3D art. This art form has for long been associated with bulky sculptures on pedestals. Nowadays though, you can get imaginative prints that trick your eyes into perceiving texture, depth, and even motion.  

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This art, which seems to jump off the canvas, come in different sizes including A3 papers and wall-sized prints. Usually, most of these artworks are for personal portfolios themed around the artist’s life. That said, some of the artists behind these provocative pieces can also be commissioned.   

The Dream by Henri Matisse from $32

How about owning a print from one of French’s renowned painters? Henri Matisse is considered among the most influential and prolific painters of the 20th century. His style combines expressive colors and bold patterns. For this particular piece, the reproduction is made using millions of ink droplets.

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Known as giclee, the process makes use of high-quality paper for smooth color gradients. Also, the degree of detail that goes into these prints allows for exceptional resolution and realistic appearance. Depending on the size, type of frame and customization, you can get the print at a cost of $32 to $130. 

The Dead Run by Umar Rashid from $250

How in touch are you with early European westward expansion? Rashid’s work echoes 18th-century colonialism and cultures. He retells world history by focusing on the major players of the era- African plus other indigenous people and the Europeans. Apart from capturing the historical accuracy, he also delves into the myths of the era.    

With elementary topography and modern cultural references, this print gives a deep perspective into history and future outcomes. The artist uses antiquified paper to further help in portraying his narrative. The Dead Run is among Rashid’s prints of his original art which capture small vignettes of his larger artworks.     

Red Roof By Matt McCormick from $1,600

Landscapes have always been a source of inspiration for many art lovers. Los Angeles-based painter Matt McCormick reimagines the American countryside as it has changed over the years. The Red Roof is one in a series of original works released in 2018, with most pieces already sold out.

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The series features commonplace items such as swings, lawn chairs, cacti, and lawns. Without adding many items in the paintings, Matt is able to capture the stillness of the past. His paintings showcase a peaceful nature that is sure to bring calmness into your space. They also evoke the aspirations of the past and hope for the future. 

Black-Capped Chickadee by Amy Jean Porter from $35

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, there are moments of serene beauty which might pass you by. Well, you can always experience such moments from your art prints. Amy Porter, a Connecticut-based artist specializes in drawing animals with busy human structures or natural attractions in the background.

The Black-Capped Chickadee painting captures the New York skyline from a bird’s vantage point. If you are a native of the Big Apple, then you might have had the pleasure of seeing and even interacting with the curious and highly sociable Chickadee birds.  From a horse trotting in front of a rural town to a monkey resting near a calm ocean, her paintings bring life to the universe’s vastness

Dizzy Gillespie by Dana Veraldi from $550

Black and white paintings can be simple yet iconic. Such are the pieces from Dana Veraldi’s time with Tappan, a leading art collective. The New York-based artist is known for her portraits of cultural icons. She specializes in hand-drawn monochromatic and two-dimensional style.  

The distinctive and minimalistic approach results in a cartoonish yet powerful representation of human nature. By focusing on outlines, Dana is able to capture not only the emotions but also the soul on her subjects. Her approach involves digging through tons of photos and videos to weed out the most inspirational postures. In this print, she captures the late American trumpet virtuoso in his most famous pose.    

By Pain or Joy by Sepideh Ilsley from $400 

Originally Persian, Sepideh is an Australian-based artist who specializes in abstract works. For her new collection, she starts out with digital sketches before transferring the images into linen. Her style involves changing precise shapes into imperfect and thought-provoking ones. 

As a former Art Director and Graphic Designer, Sepideh brings a rich experience into every print. Using digital technology to make artistic expressions comes to her naturally. Her minimalistic approach also results in inorganic and stunning prints, perfect for any space. Your guests will have fun trying to find patterns or figures in a combo of black and white irregular spaces. 

Churchill Gardens by Matthew Trygve Tung from $130

Architecture is all about structures and order- unless you are Mathew Tung. The San Fransisco-based artist explores the unattainability of order in buildings across the world. In a world where everyone is searching for balance, Matthew introduces just the right amount of disorder for a different kind of harmony.   

Using modernists structures for inspiration, Mathew captures the imperfections in otherwise utopic designs. He uses grids and repetitions to transform buildings into monuments of the unpredictable disorder. Each print appears well calculated and measured but on close inspection, the idealized grid starts falling apart. 

Prettymaps (Paris) by Aaron Straup Cope from $35

Nature thrives on balance, the same order that city planners try to emulate in their designs. Just as relief makes for good paintings, so can city maps- an art that Canadian painter Aaron Straup Cope has perfected. Coming from a background in mobile and machine geotagging, he is adept at capturing the beauty of cities from above.

He generates map tiles with disorienting shades and patterns. This unique cartography lets you see how everything meshes together from miles away. His works are experiments that reimagine traditionally maps. While looking at his works will surely make you dizzy, it gives you a superior view as if you are watching everything from an airplane.

Kinryuzan Temple, Asakusa by Ando Hiroshige from $75

This is a painting from the famous One Hundred Famous Views of Edo series. These masterpieces are the works of Ando Hiroshige, a renowned Japanese painter. Focusing on the ukiyo-e tradition art style, his works can be found in museums worldwide. It’s estimated that there are about 8000 prints bearing his name.

Known for both horizontal and vertical-format paintings, his work showcases Tokyo in the early 1800s. His style was bold and different for its time, making this print a worthy collection. It captures the oldest and one of the most significant temples in the Japanese capital. This particular print evokes the beauty of snow-covered rooftops, paths, and trees. 

Response to Print of Vulture Roost by Laura Plageman from $35

Laura’s art explores the interconnections between image-making, photography, and landscapes. Her style distorts the representation of a given landscape in a way that appears to bend the truth. This leads to a unique art form that re-examines how you look at the natural world.

A look at any of her prints will leave you wondering where one object starts or ends. By playing with light, paper, and camera, Laura turns normal images into works of art. This she does by re-photographing enlarged prints of physically distorted images. Depending on the size of the original image, the process can involve tearing out or rearranging parts of the image.  

Kindred Spirit by Graham Robinson- from $45

Graham is a Canadian artist whose work evokes intensely charged ego and personal strength. His heavy reliance on primary colors allows for expressive prints with deep shades. He endeavors to capture the world beyond cities and the modern world. In doing so, he presents you with a deeper connection to nature and the environment. 


Kindred Spirit is one in a collection of paintings inspired by Graham’s teenage years. It’s a canoe ride inspired by long trips he took across the Canadian outdoors. He taps into the exhilarating experiences to come up with expressive landscapes. In this particular piece, he blends a wild landscape in the backdrop of treasure, spirits, and scary lights.     

Parting Shot 

What kind of art inspires you? You can never exhaust the numerous art prints that are available out there. While taste in art may differ from one person to another, we can all agree that each of the above pieces is awesome in its own way. And oh, don’t let money limit you; with such a wide range of budgets, you are sure to find one or two pieces that perfectly match yours.