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Most of us beauty gurus know all about face shapes and how important it is to choose the best hairstyle to suit. Thin, oval faces need something different to complement them than someone with a heart-shaped face.

You might not have realized how important it is to figure out what eye shape you have and the fake lashes that best accent them. No one wants to look heavy-lidded, over-the-top eccentric, or like a floozy by choosing false lashes that stand out in the wrong way.

The truth is that no two eyes are the same. But there are general shapes and sizes that they fit under. Figuring out which one yours is can help you obtain the general look that you are shooting for without too many trial and error sessions.

Which Eye Shape Do I Have?

Close-up of eyes

Read through the descriptions and self-evaluate, best if done in front of a mirror, to figure out which eye shape you have. Knowing this helps you know which style of eyelashes will make you look a certain way. Then, you can shape your style.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes are the easiest to identify as they have such a clear differentiation from the rest. If you don’t have a crease in your eyelid, you only have one lid, hence “mono”-lid. They are more traditionally found among Asian eyes.

There are slightly different eye shapes within this category; however, for the most part, the lashes have the same effect on all of them.

Those with monolid eyes often have naturally straight lashes that tend to be quite short. They also have an open canvas of different options they can pull off. The advice is to stay away from extremely heavy lashes that draw the eyelid down. They make them look heavier and more closed.

Go for lighter designs and pair it with winged eyeliner to draw more attention to the falsy’s attractive subtleties. You can also wear lashes with a more top-heavy style, not heavy throughout, to open the eye since it draws attention upwards in the arc.

Upturned Eyes

Identify whether you have upturned eyes by going to the mirror and imaging, or placing, a line across the center of your eyes.

If the outside corners of your eyes extend above this line, then you have upturned eyes. Those with upturned eyes might also fall under a couple of the other categories pertaining to the height of the eye in the middle, such as round or almond eyes.

Women with upturned eyes already have a sultry look going for them au natural. However, you can enhance this no matter the style you are going for by using a flared half lash. It enhances the turned-up point of the eye. 

Accentuate it even further by adding a cat-eye with eyeliner and shadow.

Downturned Eyes

Sticking with the line across the center of your eyes, instead of turning up, they can slant down. If your answer to the question is even “slightly,” then you probably have downturned eyes.

Again, those with downturned eyes can also have rounded eyes, protruding eyes, and more. 

Those with downturned eyes might want some help bringing the focus back up. It is easier to look tired or sad if you wear lashes that are too heavy throughout the eye.

Draw the eye line back up using lashes that flare slightly past the outer corners of your eyes. Use a winged eyeliner as well. Try and avoid wearing heavy amounts of makeup underneath the eye unless it suits a specific look.

Hooded Eyes

If you have done the line test and see that the inside corners of your eyes line up with the lid’s outside edge, you might have hooded eyes. To figure it out, answer the question: when you open your eyes, can you see your eyelid crease?

If you can’t, then you have hooded eyes. This means that the upper eyelid has more skin and covers up the crease that differentiates your lower eyelid. You might want to define the eyes more with your choice since you have less lineage.

Creating depth is key to accentuating your beautiful eyes. The illusion of openness in the center is necessary to give the look of bigger eyes.

To do this, choose lashes that are full in the center with longer lash lengths there. Adopting more of a flared style instead can make it seem like your eyes are pulling closed.

Round Eyes

Women with round eyes can identify the trait when they look into a mirror judging by the amount of iris they can see. Without smiling, but with their eyes open, they can often see white underneath the iris.

Unlike the other eye shapes that we have identified before, those with round eyes need to try and elongate their eyes, bringing more balance to the overall shape. Do this by creating a cat-eye effect with eyeliner focusing on pointing outward from the outer edge.

When you are picking lashes, choose ones that are curly, wispy, and long. It magnifies the beautifully round shape while pulling it out at the edges.

Almond Eyes

Close-up of almond eye

The almond eye shape is currently the most desirable since it is regarded as the most traditionally beautiful. It can also be described as a cat-eye shape. 

To determine if you have almond-shaped eyes, note if they have a slight drawn-up point at the edge of the eyes and broader in the center. 

Almond-shaped eyes have what is currently considered to be a perfectly balanced eye shape. That means they have the most versatility when choosing lashes. It all depends on the look that you are going for, but you will look good in almost everything.

Prominent Eyes

Prominent eye shapes are often also round eyes. They are big and bright, pushing slightly farther away from under the brow with a distinctive top and bottom lid.

It is best to accentuate the lash line with these eyes since they don’t typically need to look bigger or longer at any point. Often, more natural-looking lashes with short to medium lengths give the eye just enough attention without making them pop unnaturally from the face.

Close Set Eyes

Determine if your eyes are close-set by analyzing the distance from the eyes’ inner corners to the edges of the nose. If they are closer than average, they are close-set.  

They can also be round, almond, hooded, or down or upturned, but the closeness of the eyes is often what should be addressed by the lash type.

Highlight the eye shape and create the illusion of a longer eye closer to the center of the face by accentuating the outer corners of the eye. 

Use a lash style that lifts and lengthens that eyes. These would be those with longer lash lengths from the center of the eye to the outer corners.

Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are more determined by the prominence of the brow bone than the shape of the eyes themselves. If the brow bone with the eyebrows seems to extend slightly over the eyes, you probably have deep-set eyes.

Since those with deep-set eyes are not in danger of bringing the eyes too far forward, they have greater flexibility with more glamorous lash styles. Instead, this helps bring the eyes forward, visually meeting the brow bone.

Try lashes with a long length, thicker density, and increased volume to accentuate those beautiful blues, browns, blacks, and greens.

The overall eye shape is primarily decided by whatever the most prominent factor of the eyes. This potential change in perspective can make it difficult for everyone to agree on what eye shape someone might have and why celebrities are claimed by different ones consistently.

If you think your eyes easily fall into more than one category, you have more freedom than others. Choose which one you want to accentuate, and fake lashes can help you do that instead of the other way around.

Different Types of False Eyelashes

Hand putting glue on false lash strip

Now that you know your eye shape and have a general idea of different types of lashes to look into, it helps to know the types of eyelash extension styles. Although many brands call them different names, they often identify with these styles in the descriptions on the back.

Doll Eyelashes

Doll eyelashes are based more on the big-eyed Barbie look. They have long lashes that focus in the center of the eye and fan out. It helps to make the eyes look full and rounder. They work well for those with hooded and downturned eyes since they bring about more of an open look.

These styles don’t fit women who already have larger or round eyes. There can be too much of a good thing. Making them look over round gives you a surprised look instead of a naturally attractive look.

The Natural Look

The natural look is a safe look for those that want to accent the outer edges of their eyes and their natural lash line without looking too obvious. It enhances without changing the overall shape of the eye.

Natural eyelashes look great on just about anyone since it adds some length and depth without weighing the eye down. If you want to know how these would look, slightly curl your lashes and add mascara. Natural eyelashes would be the way to attain this look without the daily work.

These natural eyelashes also give a fuller look to those women you have thinner or finer eyelashes. For them, even after applying mascara, it is still difficult to attain a dense eyelash.

Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

Cat-eye extensions focus on the density and length of the lash on the outside edge. It brings about a more exotic and sultry look, especially when paired with a slight smokey eye and cat-eye shaped eyeliner.

These eyelash extensions are the right fit for someone who wants to create the illusion that the eye is longer than it is. That would often be the case for women with round eyes and close-set eyes. For round eyes, these lashes help to bring more balance to the shape and make it more of an almond shape.

Cat-eye eyelashes don’t look the best on everyone, though. For women whose eyes are naturally turned downwards, these lashes can look overdone and exaggerated.

Glam Eyelash Extensions

Glam eyelash extensions cover a whole gamut of different lashes. They can be many different shapes, densities, and lengths. These don’t necessarily need to match as well with the shape of your eye. You are going to be trying to achieve a specific look.

Glam eyelashes can also be different colors than shades of black and brown. Some people use blue, purple, or yellow with alternating eyeliner to make the whole ensemble really pop.

Staggered Eyelash Extensions

Closeup of woman's eye

Staggered eyelash extensions are for women who want to create volume across their lash line but still appear relatively natural. They achieve this look by layering long lashes and short lashes throughout, making it look very dense and full.

These can be difficult to pull off, depending on your natural lashes. If they are quite fine or sparse, then the lashes end up looking quite messy since they don’t mesh well with the naturals underneath.

If you find that this is your case but still want a voluminous-looking lash line, try volumizing thin lashes. It balances better with your natural lash instead.

The decision isn’t all on you for what eyelashes you should wear next. If you have an eyelash technician, consult them before trying them out. Fake eyelashes are meant to last longer than a botched mascara job would, and that can feel like forever if you hate them.

If you don’t have an eyelash technician, work your way through the tests for each eye shape profile. Decide what needs to be balanced out to give your eye a full, long, yet wide shape. That is all there is to it to find the perfect lashes for you.