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Have you been searching for your Prince Charming?

While he may be right around the corner, here are 12 guys that you will likely end up dating before you find your true love.

The First Love

Everybody remembers their first love.

This is usually so intense and powerful, but full of naivety at the same time.

You likely met your First Love while you were in your teenage years, and quickly fell completely head over heels for him.

first love

Did you think that you would end up with your first love?

You are not alone, as this is what so many women believe at the time, because all of the emotions that they are feeling are so new to them.

This will have been the first time you said “I love you” to a man, and many would say that their first love was their most emotional relationship, which is why it is so difficult to let go of.

This is a man that will always hold a special place in your heart, and while he will likely reappear in your life from time to time, it is usually best to keep the past in the past.

The Rebound

The Rebound is a man who you end up with while you are subconsciously, or even consciously, trying to get over another man. Whether this may be after breaking up with your first love, or after another long term relationship has come to an end, The Rebound can seem to provide the perfect distraction at the time.

However, it will not be long before you come to really regret this relationship, and will need to put it to an end as soon as possible.


Because not only is this not a long-term solution to your heartache, but The Rebound may end up developing strong feelings for you, meaning that you will only end up really hurting him. While he may end up helping you to feel better about yourself, keep this relationship short.

The Bad Boy

Confident and daring, The Bad Boy is a man that can really get your heart racing. Whether he wears leather and rides a motorbike or introduces you to the seedy world of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, The Bad Boy is a man who always has a few adrenaline-fuelled activities at the forefront of his life.

bad boy with bike

The element of danger can definitely be fun, but it will not be long before this begins to wear you down, and you start yearning for a more “normal” relationship.

If you ‘re looking for a man that you can truly depend on, then The Bad Boy isn’t for you. However, he will definitely help you to decide whether or not stability is an important trait that you look for in men in the future.

The Struggling Artist

Dating The Struggling Artist will really help you to see life from a completely different perspective.

This guy will likely be extremely creative, meaning that you can expect plenty of surprises, as well as quirky dates, to be coming your way. From pop-up restaurants to intimate gigs, dating this guy will show you a side to your town that you didn’t know existed.

However, The Struggling Artist will also usually prefer a nomadic lifestyle, and will find it extremely difficult to make commitments. This is someone who loves to live for the moment rather than make long-term plans.

Looking for a serious relationship with a stable future?

Then the Struggling Artist will likely not be the man for you. If he does not know what he will want next week, then there is no way for either of you to know what he will want in a few years time.

The Funny Man

While you will not laugh at the jokes that all of the guys you date crack, there will undoubtedly be that one guy who really gives you a giggle.

funny guy

This is a guy that tends to turn everything into a joke, and there is no denying that this can sometimes be a good thing. However, when it is time to have a serious conversation, it can be difficult getting The Funny Man to focus in on what is really important.

Nevertheless, it is so much better being with a man that makes you laugh, rather than one who makes you cry, so enjoy this relationship for as long as it lasts. You will likely have so much fun with this man, and even the most dull and boring tasks will be turned into a side-splitting spectacle.

The Nice Guy

The phrase “nice guys finish last” does sometimes have a bit of truth to it…


Because they lack the “hard to get” appeal, and there is no sense of a chase in the early stages. 

The Nice Guy will shower you with affection and compliments, and seem to genuinely mean them as well. He will love public displays of affection, and be eager to introduce you to his friends and his family.

You will receive text messages first thing in the morning, and phone calls last thing at night, as well as sporadic gifts and other romantic treats, just to let you know that he is thinking about you. He will also likely say “I love you” quite early on in your relationship, wanting you to know just how much you mean to him.

While this can be flattering, the constant attention can also be annoying, while the intensity of his passion can sometimes put women off.

However, if you can see it through, then try to give this a bit of time, as your feelings may end up changing.

If they don’t, you should still make sure that this is a guy that you always remember when another man has you in tears. The Nice Guy is proof that there are men out there who do know how to worship a woman.

The One Who Got Away

In the same way that you have likely left a few guys pining, there is probably that one man who you have always longed for, but who is always just that little bit out of your reach.

Whether due to distance, timing, or anything else, this is a man who you have always wanted to be with, and will always feel quite fondly for.

If you do miraculously have the opportunity to give things a try with The One Who Got Away, this is definitely something you should go for.


Because, whether or not it works out or not, you will finally be able to answer the “what if” question that has been floating around in your head for years, leaving your mind free and clear to go in search of The One.

But what if you never get the chance to be with him?

Well, there comes a point where you will simply need to put him to the back of your mind. You do not want to be constantly chasing after an elusive dream, so give this up and begin focusing on reality.

The Self-Obsessed

While The Self-Obsessed man may be good looking, he tends to be his own number one fan.

self-obsessed man in the mirror

This man will spend more time checking on his own appearance than looking at yours, and your relationship will tend to revolve around him. From his issues to his feelings to his life, be prepared to put yourself in second place when dating The Self-Obsessed.

You may have no problems doing this in the short term, especially if you are just looking for a bit of fun, but don’t make the mistake of trying to plan a long-term future with this man.

You will likely find yourself wanting to spend more and more time away from him, until you realize that your life is much more positive when he isn’t around.

The Fitness Freak

The Fitness Freak is easy to recognize – he’s the one who spends the majority of his free time, and maybe even his working hours, at the gym. Completely obsessed with training and working out, this man follows a strictly regimented healthy lifestyle.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with staying healthy, especially if you have similar values.

However, if you are the type of girl who loves to indulge in a decadent dessert after dinner, or spend an afternoon in front of the television with a pizza, then this man may just end up making you feel guilty about your choices.

Once he begins to lecture you about your own lifestyle, and makes comments on your physique, then this is a sign that it may be time to let him go.

The Player

There are so many players out there, and these are the guys that could really break your heart.

Do you know how to spot a player?

Here are a few of the warning signs:

  • He is always glued to his phone and receives messages at odd hours, which, of course, he will never let you see
  • He avoids talking about the future
  • He doesn’t want to meet your friends or family
  • He lies about working late
  • He refuses to show you any public displays of affection
  • He introduces you as his “friend” to his friends, and is reluctant to use the term “girlfriend”
  • He does not “friend” you on social media
  • He disappears for a few days at a time

rude man checking out another girl

While this man may be incredibly charming, and knows how to say all the right things, chances are that he’s saying them to several other women too.

The Big Spender

The complete opposite of The Struggling Artist, the Big Spender is a man who is always ready to splash some cash, but expects to be adored in return.

This man has quite a chauvinistic attitude when it comes to women, and tends to think that the only thing a woman wants is a man’s money.

While this is money that he is prepared to spend, he will expect you to fall at his feet and inflate his ego even further. He likely also has a personality that is severely lacking, and while he may seem charming at first, it will not be long before you gain a peek beneath the surface, and realize that you do not actually have that much in common after all.

Being showered with gifts and fine dining meals out can definitely make you feel special for a while, but you will soon realize that you are worth so much more than material goods.

The Mama’s Boy

This guy will seem incredibly sweet and considerate at the beginning, and there is no doubt that he really does know how to treat a woman with respect and kindness.

However, it will not be long before his mother ends up becoming a part of your relationship. Whether he mentions her a few times on your first date, or takes you to meet her on your third, you will no doubt notice the warning signs quite early on.

mama's boy

You may be thinking…

“What’s wrong with a guy caring about his mother?”

Absolutely nothing! In fact, this can be extremely endearing, as well as a really good quality in a man…to an extent.

You will likely find that “mama’s boys” tend to be quite dependent on their mothers, relying on them for decisions that they should be making themselves.

If you decide to stick with him, this could go one of two ways:

  • You may end up becoming his “new mom”
  • You will be in a relationship with him, as well as his mother

While it can be difficult to set boundaries from the start, especially since family really is important, this is something that you can gently guide your man in. Just be aware that it may take some time, and a few arguments, before you see some results.