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I’m a serious coffee drinker. If any of you out there are coffee drinkers, you’ll understand how inconceivably hard it is for a serious coffee drinker to give up his or her morning coffee, even for one day.

After all, who knows what the consequences could be?

You might find yourself with a brief stint on the evening news as the lady whose embarrassing road rage incident was caught on film, or the guy who went bonkers when his fast food order got messed up.

Suffice it to say, it takes a lot for me to give up my morning coffee. So when my mother started trying to get me to swap out my morning cup of joe for some green tea, you could say I was a little less than enamored by the idea.

Sure, I knew how great green tea was for you, how full of antioxidants it was, how it reduces cholesterol, even how it worked wonders on your skin, but I was still reluctant. Maybe green tea was better for me in the long run, but I needed to get through the day first.

But my mom kept assuring me that she had tried this great brand of green tea that would give me the energy boost I craved, and, as she kept reminding me that mothers know best, I caved. That’s how I came to try the Imperial Green Tea by Resveralife.

Resveralife Imperial green tea

The first thing I noticed about Resveralife green tea was the packaging. When I took the tea out of the bubble wrap, I was immediately taken back to my days spent in the fine tea stores on Sloane Street during my trips to England.

It comes in an elegant metal canister, labelled certified USDA organic, and it’s even got a little metal lid inside to keep it vacuum-packed for freshness.

The bags are individually wrapped which adds a really nice touch, and I couldn’t help thinking what a great gift it would make. In fact, I admit, I was beginning to feel a little posh just setting about brewing it, but the real test was soon to come.

Let’s talk about drinking the tea. Now, it may have just been me, but  it seemed like as soon as the tea went down, I began to feel energized, and in a sort of different way than the usual coffee buzz. It wasn’t a jittery sort of jolt, it was a more balanced sort of energy; it didn’t seem to affect just my nerves, but I felt stronger as a whole.

I felt invigorated, but at the same time, I felt a certain clearheaded tranquility I didn’t normally get from my morning coffee.

So, I know what you’re thinking- I’ve gone completely crazy and next I’ll drop out of daily life and join a cult somewhere in the desert. I assure you this is not the case. I am pleased to report that I am still quite cynical and somewhat sarcastic, but I can also say that I am quite a bit healthier.

By far, the most interesting thing about giving up my daily coffee is that I realized I didn’t actually need it. In fact, I did some online sleuthing and realized there are numerous harmful effects to coffee, especially if you take your coffee in excess. People actually die from caffeine abuse – yes, my friend, die.

This is no child’s game.

Once my energy levels petered out it took about 3 weeks I was ready to go further. I was ready to see if I could really do without caffeine, not just coffee. And since Resveralife had already saved me from my daily cup of death — I mean, daily cup of joe — I figured I could try their other, totally caffeine-free option: the Hidden Hibiscus Tea.

Resveralife hibiscus tea

Once again, it arrived in an elegant metal canister. The only difference from the Green Tea packaging was that the label for the Hibiscus Tea is pink in color.

You’ll notice that the ingredients here are all natural, herbal, organic, and blissfully caffeine-free: organic hibiscus, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, and organic lemon myrtle. All of which makes for a deliciously warm, fragrant tea.

I steeped this tea for 2-3 minutes to achieve the best flavor. My new favorite morning routine now is to curl up in bed, still in my pyjamas, and take in this lovely, warm tea, as I wait for the sun to rise and color my curtains red and orange.

Sounds too idyllic? Have some faith. You probably need to quit your joe too.

Both Resveralife teas have been instrumental in helping me develop a caffeine-free way of life. In fact, they’re my “gateway” teas, introducing me to a wondrous world of diverse smells and flavors of tea.

I’ve since expanded my tea selection to include liquorice tea and cinnamon tea (I see a pattern here), but Resveralife will always have a place in my heart for helping me take the plunge.

In fact, I recently bought the Lilac Blosson Cast Iron Teapot, and wouldn’t you believe it, it’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself!

Resveralife cast iron teapot

I’m more committed to a calmer, more organic way of living, and this teapot, which retails at only $35.95 is a critical part of this. It has a little metal tea filter, which means I can indulge myself with loose-leaf as well as individually bagged teas.

This world is full of wonders and gifts.