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If there is one thing all the latest beauty trends have in common is that they all want shining skin. Highlighters, serums and some creams work to make your skin have that shiny and dewy finish but what if I told you I tried a mask that left my skin shining bright like diamond and soft like newborn skin, would you believe me?

Well, let me tell you my secret for perfect, soft and super shiny skin: the Lionesse Morganite Magnetic Mask. This mask is everything I’ve ever been looking for! It is designed with super awesome ingredients, makes my skin super soft and most importantly — did I mention it has diamond powder — GLOW!

This mask is a little package full of surprises, this is a magnetic mask and, if you are anything like me, I LIVE for these types of modern products. It comes with several accessories that you use along with the mask and once you open you just fall in love with it.

But before even starting with the ingredients and my overall experience with it, let me tell you what this mask has in store for you. Once you buy the mask, you receive a very cute terracotta bronze package, and when you open that, the fun is about to begin. This package includes a 2.2 fl.oz magnetic mask, a long spoon to apply the mask, the magnet you will use to remove the mask, and the sachets where you will put the magnet inside to hover over your skin.

Once you open the lid, you will notice it is double sealed which I always see as a plus. This guarantees that you are the first one that is using this and also preserves more the product. The mask itself is colored a dull gold and you can see the little specs of gold and shimmer in the mask. It also has a really nice smell, not overpowering it’s perfect to have on and have a nice soothing scent.

The long plastic spoon it brings is really nice to use to apply the mask, to be honest I really dislike seeing my hands full of product after applying a mask, but with this mask using the spoon will be really helpful. You get the amount desired you want to apply to your skin and spread it out evenly around your skin without having to get your hands dirty or wasting any product that you will eventually end up rinsing anyway.

This package includes 12 sachets but don’t worry even if these run out, because you can also use a thin sheet of face tissue for the same effect as well. The important thing here is not to hover the magnet over your skin without anything to cover it.

My Experience Using the Mask

As I mentioned before I really like to have a healthy glow on my face, but especially to feel it soft and hydrated, with this mask this is all I feel.

I started as I usually do, after cleansing my skin making sure of having no trace of makeup, dirt or oil I dried my skin and started the fun. With the spoon, I applied the product all over my skin avoiding my mouth, and areas that are near my eyes.

After applying the product I waited like five minutes to let the product work in my skin and then it’s when the fun started.  

Note: I left the mask on for around 5 to 8 minutes, this mask won’t solidify so, do not wait for it to get hard on your skin, like some masks do.  After those five to eight minutes I removed the mask using its magnetic.

This is a magnetic mask, hence the reason you need a magnet to remove it. To remove it, you need to put the magnet inside the white sachet and hover it over your skin to remove the mask. Once you start hovering the magnetic over your skin, you will feel it pulling your skin, not in a painful way or anything like that. It literally just lifts the magnetic pieces of the mask once you finish an area you will see all the magnetic and mask pieces on the sachet.

At times you can also hear how the mask start to cling to the magnetic and if you are close to a mirror you can see that just by hovering it all the mask attaching itself the sachet. Please do remember do not place the magnet on top of your skin or directly touching it because you will just remove it with the sachet instead of the magnet removing it.

Because the magnet is small move it around the clean areas of the sachet while you remove the product.

Once you have removed all the majority of the product you will notice that you still have some oil and shiny specks in the color gold on your skin. Do not remove it with water, as this is a combination of essential oils, diamond powder, mica and other ingredients that will finish the mask job in leaving your face feeling and looking flawless.

With the remaining oils on your skin, massage your skin in gentle circular motions so that these oils can work on the surface of your skin. After this, you will see your skin with such a shine you are not even going to remember of using your highlight for days.  And can we talk about how soft my skin felt right after, I am in love with this mask.

Even if you can use this mask at any time of the day, try using it before going out to have extra glowing skin. I personally prefer to use it during the night time. Why, you may ask yourself? Well, leaving these oil on the surface of your skin during the night will make your skin a lot softer with a more refreshed and revitalized appearance. But then again remember this is my personal reference you can use the mask at any time of the day but preferably just once a week.

I personally have oily skin, and the mask worked good with my skin, I didn’t feel my skin super extra oily while having the mask on or even when I removed it and massaged the remaining oils to my skin.

I tried this mask also on a friend who has dry skin and the mask worked great on her skin. Her skin felt and looked a lot more moisturized and appeared a lot softer unlike how her skin looks regularly which is red but flaky because of her dry skin.

You can also mix up how you choose to use the product. For example, you do not have to constantly do a full face coverage mask. I at times just do a t-zone or just my cheeks and nose area because those are areas that can be problematic for me because of my oily skin. I tend to have enlarged pores and oily skin, when I wake up and see my pores, red areas and lots of oily area; I just wash my skin and apply the mask to the areas that I see affected. I then remove it, and apply a serum and cream before starting my daily routine. A mayor plus about this mask is that you don’t have to wait 15 or 20 minutes to remove it with just five minutes is enough to have results, and it spares you time to do other things.

The good thing about this mask is its ingredients; if you are like me and love to have dewy looking skin after applying this mask is great to prep your skin. Its ingredients work together perfectly to not only give you extra shine but extra softness.

Spotlight on the Ingredients

I’ve constantly mentioned how fascinated I am with the ingredients that this mask contains and you may be asking yourself, what is this mask made of and how does it make my skin look so good? Well, this mask is made with unique ingredients that will make your skin shine as bright as the sun and feel smoother than ever.

This mask contains ingredients such as:

  1. Iron Powder:  This is the main ingredient that makes this mask so unique. This ingredient helps drawing out impurities and trapped in your skin helping it look smoother and brighter.
  2. Mica: This ingredient is that is in charge of making your skin glow and shine. This mineral is in charge to give your skin the glow effect when light reflects on your skin.
  3. Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil:  This oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and omega, these when combined help to reduce redness and dry skin restoring the moisture of your skin.
  4. Rosmarinus Officianalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract: Rosemary extract is a great antioxidant, this ingredient helps tone the skin tone, minimize wrinkles while protecting the skin from further damage.
  5. Diamond powder: You may think this ingredient only provides great luminosity to your skin but it does so much more. Diamond Powder helps reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines on your skin giving you a softer and smoother appearance.

These wonderful ingredients work together to benefit most skin types. For example, I have oily skin while my friend has dry skin, but it worked equally well for the both of us. Most of the ingredients in this mask contained vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your skin, particularly in terms of protecting collagen levels.

But please do remember to always, and when I say always I mean it, do a patch test of the product on your hand or neck to see how your skin reacts to it. Doing this is important because each skin is different and reacts differently to ingredients.

This mask is part of the Lionesse Morganite Collection which includes two more products. This collection also has a serum and cream to use with the Morganite Magnetic Mask. Using these three products you will have even better results on your skin transforming your dull and dry skin to beautiful hydrated skin.

If you are looking for ways to clean, smooth and rejuvenate your skin I would recommend that you check out this collection.  The mask itself is an awesome experience just feeling that pull from the magnetic that is literally removing impurities from your skin is the coolest thing ever.

If you are looking for ways to have glowing, soft and youthful glowing skin I recommended you to check Lionesse out in their webpage and social medias such as Facebook and Instagram to know more about this and more collections.