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Come winter and we all worry about one thing and that is our skin. We hate the thought of dry and chapped skin. However, this is something that we cannot avoid with the dip in the temperature. Lack of moisture in the environment makes our skin dry and scaly and hence, in order to avoid this, one needs to upgrade their skincare regime.


Here are some important tips that would help you to prevent dry skin in winter.

Apply a lot of moisturizer

Moisturizing is an important part of our daily skincare routine and this becomes more important during the winters. It is really essential that you choose a product that suits your skin type and apply in at least twice in a day. Also make sure to apply it within few minutes of taking your bath so that the moisture could be trapped.

Petroleum jelly

This is best option for dry feet, dry cheeks, dry elbow and even dry lips. Keep a jar of petroleum jelly handy in your purse and apply it on your lips and hands, whenever they feel dry. This would ensure that your hands stay soft and supple. Also apply in your heels before you go to bed every night to avoid dry heels.

Prevent showering in super-hot water

Ok…we know that you love this and we all do as a hot shower bath always sounds tempting in winter. But this might make your skin drier and hence, best if avoided. Our skin and hair has natural oils and these get removed, when we bath with hot water.

Use a toothbrush to brush your lips

This might sound absurd to you and it is. But this would keep your lips soft and shining. Use a toothbrush to brush the epidermis of your lips to remove excess dried out skin. This is the best way to say goodbye to chapped leaves.

Go for cold cream cleanser instead of makeup remover wipes

Makeup remover wipes are easier to use but these tend to make your skin dry. Cold cream cleanser on the other hand, does not only remove make up but also moisturizes your face. Avoid products those contain sulfates and alcohol as these make your skin dry and might also cause irritation.

Exfoliate less

Do not exfoliate your skin too often in winter to prevent dryness. Once in a week is enough.

Use the right soap

Do not opt for antibacterial soaps as these would dehydrate your skin. Go for the natural ones instead.