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There’s a certain kind of satisfaction that you can only get from building something beautiful with your own two hands. That satisfaction will become two-fold when all your friends are asking where you got these cute little pieces that will liven up your home!

Window Pane Chalk Board
Get yourself an old window pane, the kind that is often seen left on the side of the road or by the dumpster. If you can’t find one lying around close to garbage day, go to a farmer’s market or yard sale out in the country and it’s likely you’ll be able to snatch one up. You can keep it looking rustic by keeping the frame the original color (the more chips, the more authentic it’ll look!), or you can rub it with sandpaper to take off the paint, and re-paint it whatever color you like! For the chalkboard aspect, you first need to paint a layer of primer on the glass, then get yourself some chalkboard paint and do 2-3 coats of that for good measure. Hang it up in your kitchen for grocery lists or in your foyer with a sweet message welcoming your guests. If you’re having too much trouble finding a window pane, an old picture frame will do just as well!

Ombre Vase
This project is so simple and will be a chic addition to any household. Just find a glass bottle and remove the label. If you have trouble peeling off the paper, soak it in some warm water and then use a sponge to help you scrub it off. Go outside or to a well-ventilated area, turn the bottle so that its bottom is facing up, get some spray paint and spray away! Hold the spray paint above the glass and spray it at the base, moving in small circles. The spray will naturally fleck down, getting paint up the sides of the bottle to create that faded, ombre look! This project is fun because you can make them in any color you want, so long as you can find the spray paint.

Driftwood Holder
Find a flat piece of wood or driftwood, and find cool, fun old doorknobs to be the holders. You won’t have a problem finding old knobs at any second-hand store or thrift shop, yard sale, or antique market—just keep your eyes open! If you really want to get creative you can even paint the knobs if you so choose. Measure the knobs to determine the width of the drill you will need to use, and also to determine how deep you will need to drill. Then drill away, making sure that the holes are evenly spaced. Now it’s as simple as pushing your knobs into the holes. To be extra sure that they stay in, you can dab a bit of glue on the end of the knob before inserting it. Hang it up in your bedroom as a cute necklace holder, or use it as a key holder in your foyer! The options are endless.