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Getting old is an attractive proposition. It has a lot of perks, the most important one being experience. As young adults, we often make mistakes that could have easily been avoided, and have a weird view of the world (I certainly did). As we get older, we become more mature, understand how the world works, and learn from our mistakes. This makes us more sensible, sensitive and wise. On the other hand, getting old also has its pitfalls, the most devastating one being aging. As I began to grow old, I started seeing wrinkles around my eye area and the skin began to lose its color.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the fact that I am old enough to make the right decisions, but what I don’t like is that my face looks like an advertisement board for aged looks. Desperate in my search for the right skin care products (unlike many of you, I didn’t have the common sense to start off with anti-aging in my mid-twenties!!!), I tried all sorts of brands and products, particularly for the skin around my eyes.

In between all these trials and tribulations, I saw some joy with certain products and was greatly disappointed with many. The amount of junk that floats around in the skin care world is simply disheartening. Enter Introstem Stem Cell Defining Serum. I hadn’t heard much about this product, and I am wondering how so many people miss out on the right solutions for their skin. I guess being new in the market has something to do with it, but hey, quality counts, not how long you’ve been in operation for.

I was certainly skeptical when I first tried out the product, but a single trial put all my skepticism to rest. I have been using this serum before applying my makeup every morning, and I have actually managed to enjoy a much-improved look ever since. My skin is crazy dry and it becomes obvious by mid-day. But, ever since I introduced this long-lasting serum into my regimen, it is actually possible to enjoy a hydrated look (without looking like an oil slick) throughout the day.

I can literally feel the serum working on my skin. It disappears immediately and its thin texture leaves your skin feeling soft. Once it enters your skin and absorbs, there isn’t any residue left. I believe this is essential for women looking for eye serums, because we simply have to apply makeup (no matter how cool makeup-free looks may be)!!!

Talking about the results, I had a few monstrous wrinkles right under my eye area, and this always gave me a tired appearance. After using this serum for a week, these wrinkles actually looked diminished, and that instantly brought new life to my eye area. Everything looks so natural and this beautiful look starts to grow onto you.

The Stem Cell Defining Serum can be found on the Introstem website. They have a great customer service system and you can always get in touch with their skin care advisors for more advice on the right products for your particular skin issues.

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