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The Cabbage Soup Diet is a quick 7-day diet that is perfect for when you’re headed for a vacation or want to achieve better body in a limited time. I tried it when I had to attend a friend’s wedding and wanted to look better in my dress. Did Cabbage Soup Diet work for me? Yes, it did.

What is the Cabbage Soup Diet Like the name implies, you will be consuming mostly cabbage soup for a week. The low-calorie soup aims to reduce the calorie deposits in the body so that they will be used up as energy. That’s where your energy will be coming from. By burning these fat deposits, you will be losing weight while still having energy to be active. Unfortunately, based from my experience with it, the Cabbage Soup Diet doesn’t come without complications.

Before you get scared of trying it out, I want to say that the side effects weren’t exactly serious complications. It’s just that the decreased energy made me feel lethargic. I would sometimes get headaches, which goes away whenever I drink water or eat some more soup. It probably has something to do with the change in diet. I don’t think that it’s due to a more serious issue.

What is the Cabbage Soup Diet 2The cabbage soup doesn’t have a lot of nutrients in it, so what I’d recommend you to do is start with some solid chunks of meat and vegetables in it for the first two days. Gradually decrease the amount until you only have the basic cabbage soup. Then, when the diet is almost over, you need to slowly go back to eating solid foods again. I was very cautious with this adjustment period, because it can be pretty troublesome for the body to suddenly change diet. You’re not just eating a different food, you’re temporarily switching to soft liquid diet and the reintroduction of solid foods cannot be done in one day.

From using the Cabbage Soup Diet for 7 days I lost five pounds, and I’ve read that others lose even more than that. I think that the diet can be done for a longer time too, but that one week was already enough for me. My advice to you, whether you plan to do it for a week or longer, make sure that you have enough time to let the body adjust to the changes.