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Glowing skin is something that everyone desires. To get it, some go into high-end products while some prefer going the natural way. But as per the opinion of several dieticians, it is always recommended to go for natural products. The reason being that it contains numerous skin benefiting vitamins and minerals that help as well as enhance the skin health! It also gives it a natural sheen and glow!

Here are some fresh fruit juices that will keep the skin sensuous and smooth.

Apple juice

Apple juice

There is an old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well if not an apple; the fruit, then a glass of its juice would also do nicely. It contains antioxidants that prevent tissue damage, wrinkles and premature aging. Regular consumption of a glass of apple juice also gives the skin a natural glow to it. Plus it is extremely tasty also.

Orange juice:

Orange contains citric acid that is very good for removing the skin impurities. It is one of the best skin cleansers and assists in maintaining the pH level of the skin. It contains skin benefiting components as well as vitamins that make the skin texture nice, smooth, vibrant, younger looking and naturally glowing. It also gives the skin a nice and even tone. It is one of the best fruit juices for skin health.

Blueberry juice:

Blueberries contain rich antioxidants, chlorogenic acids as well as pectin that are extremely effective in fighting skin aging problems. Apart from that it also has vitamins and minerals that make the skin nice and even-toned and also gives it a nice and soothing texture. Experts suggest that regular consumption of blueberry juice is good for pure blood formation and also for better blood circulation.

Watermelon juice:

Another wonder fruit juice that one can drink to get flawless skin is watermelon juice. It is again a very healthy drink and works wonders on the skin complexions. It contains vital minerals and nutrients that keep the skin nice and healthy. It also hydrates the skin and helps fight the dead cells. Experts also say that watermelon helps improve the blood flow in the body and makes the skin naturally young and beautiful.

Pineapple and banana

Both these fruits have several vital nutrients that help keep the skin healthy. It delays the skin aging and gives a natural shine to the skin texture. Plus add to the fact that it is delicious.

These are the five fruit juices that you can have every day – they are delicious and heathy too.