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Are you a Dynasty fan?

This Netflix series, which is produced by The CW, is a reboot of a 1980s classic. There are several powerful female characters featured in the show, and, with 80’s fashion currently experiencing quite the revival, many of the outfits seen on the screen are truly inspirational.

Want to instill that Dynasty vibe into your own wardrobe?

Here are seven outfit ideas that have been inspired by the show:

A Pussy-Bow Blouse

The pussy-bow blouse is just one of the 80’s fashion garments that is making a huge comeback, and this is one that has been seen so many times on Dynasty. From Monica to Cristal, this is a design that emulates so many of the characters.

What makes it even better is that the style of this blouse makes it quite easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. You don’t have to go too 80’s with it – it all depends on what you wear with the blouse!

Here are a few ideas:

  • High waisted pants – not only will high-waisted pants really help to exude that vintage vibe, but pairing it with a pussy-bow blouse will really elongate your figure. The pants lengthen your legs while the low-hanging bow on your blouse elongates your torso
  • A pleated skirt – while a pussy-bow blouse paired with a short skirt does look cute and preppy, try a slightly longer skirt for a more sophisticated look. Go for a high-waisted version to really add some drama to your look
  • Tailored jeans – although this look is slightly more modern, the pussy-bow blouse will still add a Dynasty touch to your look. Keep the jeans neat and tailored to ensure that your overall outfit stays chic

Pretty in Plaid


Fallon Carrington, one of the show’s main female characters, always makes impeccable fashion choices. She tends to favor classic designs, but still manages to add her own contemporary touch to these.

One theme that you will notice when it comes to Fallon’s various outfits on the show is plaid. Fallon loves plaid, and for good reason too! Plaid is something that will never go out of style, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Wondering how to put together a plaid Fallon-inspired outfit?

Well, Fallon has worn plaid skirts numerous times on the show, so you could begin with one of these. If you want to stay as classic as possible, go for red, although a yellow plaid skirt that Fallon wore was also extremely well-received.

Like the idea of yellow?

The same design that Fallon wore in the season two episode “The Sight of You” is available from Nordstrom. Known as the Monroe Plaid Skirt, it features zipped pockets that take it from preppy to modern. 

What should you pair your plaid skirt with?

A silk blouse is something that Fallon would immediately approve of…tucked in, of course!

Alternatively, try fluffy jumper, which is something else that Fallon has worn with her plaid skirt.

Want to add even more plaid to your look?

Season one saw Fallon wearing a beautiful plaid blazer dress, which was made by Balmain. This same dress is available at many stores, as are other plaid designs that may suit your body shape more. Don’t be afraid to go for a little drama when it comes to the silhouette of your plaid dress, as this is an outfit that should really make a statement.

A Silk Pantsuit


Nothing says power dressing like a pantsuit, with this being something that Cristal in particular wore quite a bit. In fact, Cristal even got married in a stunning white pantsuit, complete with shoulder pads (hold on, the pads will be discussed further down).

Of course, on Dynasty, only the best will do, which is where the silk comes in…

Not only does silk exude complete class and sophistication, but it is also such a comfortable and breathable fabric to wear.

Can’t decide which color to go for?

Cristal’s fashion choices on Dynasty tend to be quite neutral when it comes to color, but don’t be afraid to go for something bolder. Do keep your skin tone in mind when choosing a shade, as this will ensure that your pantsuit flatters you properly.


Don’t worry, there are some colors that suit just about everyone, and these include:

  • Bright red
  • Dark purple
  • Pale pink
  • Teal

A Shimmery Dress with Shoulder Pads


Looking for a Dynasty-inspired outfit for a special night out?

Go big with a shimmery dress, complete with shoulder pads.

While many different aspects of 80’s fashion have been brought back to life, shoulder pads have been embraced the most

They instantly make a silhouette slightly more dramatic, and are also incredibly slimming. You can accentuate this even further by using a belt or a tie around your waist to give your figure more of an hourglass shape.

Convinced that you should be giving shoulder pads a try?

Do this with a shimmery dress, as the two really work so well together. Numerous designers have released their own take on this, such as:

  • Alex Perry – Elisa Sequinned Midi Dress
  • Balmain – V-Neck Sequinned Mini Dress
  • The Kooples – Long Green Dress with Shoulder Pads
  • Flounce London – Sequin Mini Dress with Shoulder Pads

Don’t forget to add some show-stopping heels and a gorgeous handbag to your outfit to complete your look!

Lady in Red


As mentioned earlier, Fallon Carrington loves the color red. She must have worn at least five gorgeous red dresses in the first season alone, with red being a bold and daring color that really represents her character.

Fortunately, red is a color that tends to flatter all skin tones.

So, why not take a leaf out of Fallon’s book and throw together an all-red outfit of your own?

All you need is…red everything! Try some red pants, with a red top and a red blazer. To begin with, keep the shades similar. Then, after you get more confident putting all-red outfits together, you can mix up the shades, patterns and textures a little more.

Don’t feel brave enough to try that?

A red dress, paired with some red shoes and a red bag, may feel like a safer option.

Of course, even if you don’t want to go all-red, you can still be inspired by Fallon and simply add more red garments to your wardrobe. Try to go for items that really make a statement – after all, this is what Fallon would do!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Red bottoms – whether this may be a striking pair of red high-waisted pants, or an elegant red skirt, red bottoms will really make your outfit stand out
  • A red jacket – just about every style of jacket is available in red, making this an easy way to add this color to your wardrobe
  • A red top – this may not seem very daring, but a red top will still brighten up any outfit
  • Accessories – don’t forget, accessories can be red too! From your shoes to your bag to your hat, try pairing red accessories with one of the other red garments on this list 

The High Slit 

The high slit appears in so many of the Dynasty dresses, with this being such a sophisticated way to show a bit of skin. What makes this look even better is that you don’t need to have perfect legs to pull it off. Since the slit only shows a small amount of leg at a time, it will still give off the illusion of beautiful, shapely legs.

The easiest way to wear a high slit is with a dress.

When it comes to the slit itself, you have two main options…

Your first is to go for a dramatic, thigh-high slit, just like on Dynasty.

This is something that many women wish they could try, but, and rightly so, are worried about wardrobe malfunctions! After all, if the wind blows in the wrong way, won’t all be revealed?!

There are a few secrets to wearing a thigh-high slit to help protect your modesty, such as:

  • Make sure the dress fits you perfectly – this will ensure that air can’t circulate within your dress, meaning not only will the wind not be able to have an effect, but any movements you make will not cause unsightly ripples
  • Use plenty of tape – many celebrities make use of tape when it comes to keeping their thigh-high slits in place. However, don’t place the tape right at the edge of the slit, as this will prevent your skirt from moving in a natural way. Instead, move the tap in at least an inch, so, although the dress will stay put, the edge of the slit will still look natural
  • Invest in some strapless underwear – if your slit does happen to open up, this will only really expose you from the side. If this really puts you off, consider investing in some strapless underwear. This runs from front to back, with no sides at all, meaning that you won’t end up flashing a glimpse of your underwear if your slit moves 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to have to worry about that, you could simply opt for a slit that isn’t quite so high. Even a small slit is enough to exude allure and glamour.

Already purchased something with a slit that is too high?

Don’t worry, this is an easy thing to stitch up! You can either do it yourself, or hand it in to your local tailor.

If you want to incorporate the high-slit trend into your daytime look a bit more, you could try a skirt with a high slit. These can easily be paired with a t-shirt and some flat pumps for a casual look.

Adventurous Heels 


Have you got a pair of adventurous high heels in your wardrobe?

If your answer is no…

Shame on you! Fallon would be so disappointed.

It’s time to put things right by treating yourself to a pair of killer heels.

One of the pairs of heels that Fallon wore garnered a particular amount of attention, and you likely remember them too…

These were the red lace up high heels with a leopard print heel, which she wore in the very first episode of the series. Those shoes are from Christian Louboutin, known as the Ferme Rouge Pump, and are available online and from many stores. Even if you don’t want that same pair, Louboutin has several other choices when it comes to killer heels, with these being a pair that you will wear time and time again.

If you want to shop around a bit more, have a look at Lanvin and Saint Laurent too.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing your new heels…

Go for a pair that you can wear in the daytime too, meaning that you need to be comfortable walking for quite a while in them. After all, keeping these adventurous heels hidden away until after dark would be such a pity!

Wondering how to actually incorporate your killer heels into a daytime outfit?

Heels can really be worn with just about anything. Try them with a casual t-shirt and some jeans, or with some high-waisted pants and a blouse. Skirts also look wonderfully feminine when worn with heels, whether this may be a flared miniskirt, a midi pencil skirt, or a maxi skirt.

Dynasty has been hugely successful since it first made an appearance on our screens, and with its new bigger budget, you can expect the fashion on the show to be more extravagant than ever. Whether you want to go all out with a full Dynasty outfit, or simply want to incorporate smaller elements from the show into your look, these seven outfits should give you all of the inspiration you need.