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There is no denying the beauty that comes along with the months of fall, and what better way to celebrate this than by putting together outfits that emulate the season? Whether you are heading away for the weekend, or for a night on the town with your girlfriends, here are some fall-inspired outfits for every occasion.

1. A Walk in the Park

Lucky Polls Fall Fashion for Every Occasion trench coat

The natural world transforms into fiery shades of red and gold during the fall months, and taking a walk through your local park or nature reserve is the best way to really soak all of this beauty up.

But, what do you wear?

Well, try going for a classic jeans and t-shirt combination, but then throwing a light colored trench coat over the top. Trench coats are synonymous with spring and fall, being the perfect outerwear for transitional seasons.

Did you know…

Trench coats date way back to the 1850’s, making them a classic item of clothing – one that will never really go out of style.

Wondering how to choose a trench coat that accentuates your figure, rather than drowning it out?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Length – Shorter trench coats are more on-trend, and are perfect with jeans, but a longer line provides a greater sense of sophistication
  • Single or Double Breasted – Single breasted trench coats are clean and elegant, and will not widen your figure. Double breasted coats are more classic, but make sure that you choose one with buttons that blend into the fabric, so that they do not distract from your silhouette
  • Belt – Just about every trench coat will come with a belt, and these are great for cinching in the waist. However, if you go for an A-line cut, a belt may not be necessary, especially if you have naturally curvy hips
  • Color – A classic, neutral color, such as beige or black, will work with just about everything, whereas a brighter, more vibrant color, makes more of a statement, but can be harder to style

To give yourself some extra warmth, add in a few autumnal accessories, such as a knitted hat, leather gloves and casual, knee-high boots. However, remember to keep the heel to a minimum, so that you have more freedom to explore your surroundings.


2. Paint the Town Red

Lucky Polls blog red purse

A classic little black dress is perfect for a night out on the town, no matter what season it may be. However, by opting for autumnal colors when it comes to your accessories, you will be able to tie your black dress in with the season.

Red is perfect, especially since it works so well with black, creating a striking color palette.

Try pairing your LBD with a red clutch bag, and opting for red nails and red lips as well, to really push the color forward.

This is quite a simple look, so you need to ensure that your LBD really flatters your figure if you want to pull this off.

Here are a few tips to help you to match your body shape to the perfect dress:

  • Pear-Shaped – A halter dress will show off your shoulders and balance out your hips
  • Petite – A sheath dress that falls to mid-knee will elongate your figure
  • Curvy – Look for a dress with a V-neck, as this will accentuate your bust and make your waist look narrower
  • Plus-Sized – A wrap dress works for just about every body shape, as it hugs the shoulders and waist but remains looser around the lower half of the body


3. A Romantic Date

Lucky Polls Fall Fashion for Every Occasion stiletto heels

When planning an outfit for a fall date, you want to ensure that you stay warm, while still looking feminine and sexy.

Jeans are a fail-proof option, as these will work no matter what activities you have planned for your date. Black or grey jeans are great for evening cocktails and dinner, whilst blue jeans are cute and ideal for fun activities or a relaxing lunch.

However, you will still need to amp this outfit up a bit, and this is where the stilettos come in…

Stilettos will instantly elevate your outfit, making it look dressier and sexier, and you can opt for shoes in any color that you want, especially if the rest of your outfit is kept relatively neutral.

If you are likely to be walking around quite a bit on your date, then you may want to follow some of these tips to ensure that your feet stay comfortable in your heels:

  • Use gel insoles to ease some of the pressure that heels place on your feet
  • Keep your posture straight
  • Wear stilettos with straps or ties
  • Choose shoes that are half a size bigger, as this will accommodate for swollen feet by the end of the day
  • Opt for a rounded toe, as this allows your toes to lie flat

To finish off the outfit, add some simple, light and clean-cut jewelry to bring out that romantic and elegant feel.


4. Pumpkin-Picking Time

Lucky Polls Fall Fashion for Every Occasion plaid shirt

Fall is synonymous with harvest-related activities, and pumpkin-picking is one of the most popular of them all.

This is an activity in which you will need to dress quite casual, as you do not want to have to worry about getting your clothes dirty.

Plaid shirts are such a versatile fall staple, and are perfect for an occasion such as this. They can be styled in so many ways, but, for an activity such as pumpkin-picking, you would be best off pairing it with jeans or leggings.

Want to still be able to show a bit of skin?

A pair of chic ripped jeans goes a long way in keeping you warm and trendy whilst showing a bit of leg, and can pull your whole outfit together. If the weather is particularly chilly, layer some light tights, or even fishnets, underneath your distressed jeans. When searching through denim heaven for the perfect pair, keep the following in mind:

  • Boyfriend cut jeans are comfortable, casual and down-to-earth. For long legs, the perfect pair should be easy to find as they’re less likely to drown your figure. For petite ladies, opt for a tapered leg, to outline your silhouette whilst ensuring the jeans aren’t wearing you
  • Skinny or cigarette cut jeans with distressed rips in the thighs and knees are perfect for showing off curves in the right places, and are easy to dress up or down for any occasion with either trainers, sandals, stilettos or ankle boots
  • Vertical rips can help you look taller and slimmer, whilst horizontal rips can have the opposite effect
  • Blue jeans are great for keeping things casual, whilst darker jeans can be more flattering, with an elongating effect on your legs

A knitted bobble hat is then the perfect way to complete your outfit, and will give you some added warmth on a colder day.


5. Shopping in the City

Lucky Polls Fall Fashion for Every Occasion long boots

Planning on spending the day shopping in a big city? If so, you would be best off with an outfit that is chic and stylish, but comfortable to wear, as well as easy to remove for when you need to try on clothes.

A short dress is perfect for this, especially if you opt for one that has a vibrant print, as this will add some color to what would otherwise be quite a simple outfit.

Want to glam it up a bit?

Give thigh-high boots a try. Don’t own any yet? Here is what you need to know:

  • Fit – Skin-tight boots can sometimes be overly sexual, so take a look at the slouchy options available
  • Material – Boots that have an elasticated back are best if you have larger calves, as these will make them easy to put on and take off
  • Styling – Thigh-high boots are quite versatile, so experiment with styling, whether this means you turn them down at the top or slouch the middle section

Not only are thigh-high boots so chic, as long as they are styled correctly, but they also provide an extra layer of warmth, making them perfect for the fall months.


6. Casual Friday   

Lucky Polls Fall Fashion for Every Occasion thick scarf

Casual Fridays are the perfect opportunity to bring some of your fashion flair to work with you. While you likely already have a few go-to outfits for your favorite day of the week, you will need to add in a few extra layers to keep you warm.

To give your overall silhouette more of a fun edge, try throwing a cape coat over your work outfit. These are available in so many different styles, from trench coats to pea coats, but will all feature more of a cape silhouette.

One thing to keep in mind is what looks best with your cape coat…

  • A cropped cape looks trendy and chic with a short skirt and tights or distressed grey skinny jeans 
  • Larger capes with more material and folds are best balanced with a fitted pencil skirt to provide a sexy outline of your lower half 
  • A long cape that may normally drown your figure can look great with a simple belt around your waist to give you that desired hourglass shape
  • Add a pair of heels to bring it to the next level – whether it’s cute and dainty stilettos or tight knee-high boots, ensure they’re fitted and slender to offset the voluminous nature of your coat  
  • A thick, oversized scarf adds to that triangular shape which now begins with your head rather than your neck, elongating your torso in the process  

Finish the look with a pair of fitted matching gloves and a square, structured bag


7. Museum-Hopping

Lucky Polls Fall Fashion for Every Occasion cool and chic

Chilly fall days are a great excuse to spend some time indoors. Whether it’s for a date, an afternoon with friends, or some quality time with yourself, museum-hopping is a relaxing activity to while away a rainy afternoon and soak up some culture.

Wearing a standout item is suggested, and nothing says sophisticated art expert like a flowing midi or maxi skirt. Pair it with a subtle, thin sweater to avoid chaotic layering indoors, a chunky, snug scarf and a gorgeous pair of ankle boots or slender sock boots.

  • A fitting, tight upper half is essential at providing the shape to your body when your lower half lacks it. Balance is key, so a figure-hugging sweater or fitted shirt is a great partner to an elegant skirt.
  • Avoid long, engulfing coats. Keep the top half simple and short, so grab a leather jacket or a cropped blazer

Add a splash of autumnal colour with a bright red, orange or yellow scarf, or keep it neutral with warm tones of brown.


8. The School Run

Lucky Polls Fall Fashion for Every Occasion knitted sweater

With the beginning of fall comes the end of summer vacation, and that means getting you and your little ones prepped for the start of school. Mornings will undoubtedly be filled with waking up children, getting everyone dressed and ready for a long day, making breakfast and packing school lunches and finally loading them all in the car.

It’s important to remember that practical can still be stylish. At such a hectic time of the day, the last thing you need is to stress out about what to wear…

  • Keep warm and sophisticated with a knitted jumper. Black is classy and easily paired, whilst a bright color like red or yellow can spruce up a dark over-layer
  • A fitted but comfortable pair of grey or blue jeans look great with just about anything and are ideal for lots of walking
  • Knee-high flat boots, black or tan, are essential for comfort, avoiding muddy playground catastrophes, and add an autumnal flair to your outfit
  • Top it off with a thick, oversized cardigan – opt for a bright red or orange to jazz up a generally monochrome wardrobe, or dark grey to tie together the vivid colors beneath

If it’s particularly windy, nothing says fall is here like a knitted bobble hat or beret to keep your hair in place and give you that extra glamour.