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Lavelier Marine Essentials

I’ll try almost anything to keep my skin looking young and vibrant. I’ve had skin problems for as long as I can remember and have spent a small fortune to find the right products for my skin. My routine is a bit complicated with a lot of different products, days to use them and different…

White Truffle Day Moisturizer and Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C

Truffoire Skin Care Review

Today I want to let you in on a secret ingredient for your skin care regimen – truffles. Truffles have always been famous for being the kings of the culinary world, but recent studies confirm that they also have all sorts of anti-aging benefits to offer. Which is why I always turn to the Truffoire…

Vine Vera Resveratrol Malbec DNA Collection

Vine Vera Malbec Collection Review

The world of skin care has experienced growth like never before. The skin care industry in the US was always flourishing, but what’s different this year is that the industry is picking up in various places across the globe as well. As a result of this unsurpassed growth being enjoyed by the skin care industry,…