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Today I want to review Bionyx, a line that uses platinum as its signature ingredient. To be very honest, I am still not too impressed by the use of exotic metals in skin care products, but I always tried to have an open mind while reviewing new skin care products for you guys. My dislike for exotic metals aside, when I first saw that beaaauty of a jar, I almost fell in love with the line. Bionyx certainly doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to product packaging, and why should it? After all, we expect something more from luxury skin care brands, don’t we? And ever since I began to use this product, my skin has also begun to look flawless and fantastic.

Product Description
The mask has been formulated to eliminate pollution, dirt and debris from your skin to allow it to breathe properly. It comes with a unique self-heating effect which allows the product to heat up when it comes in contact with your skin, and that’s when all those fascinating ingredients get delivered deep within your skin to promote healing from within. Bionyx says that the mask assists with reducing lines and wrinkles and bringing about a radiant glow, and I totally agree with their assessment of the product.

Directions for Use
Apply product to moist skin. Massage in a circular motion and leave the mask on your face for approximately 15 minutes. For best results, use twice each week.

My experience with the Bionyx Platinum Refining Thermal Mask
The Platinum Refining Thermal Mask has a lot going on for it. I am particularly in love with that heating effect, which lets me enjoy a luxurious spa day at home. It is easy to use and the instructions couldn’t be clearer either. Moreover, it has a pleasant fragrance which is not too strong nor too light. When I finally removed the mask from my face after 15 minutes for the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My skin actually looked younger, those lines more diminished. To make things even better, my face looked soft and clear. It was glowing as well!!! I haven’t experienced any breakouts in the few weeks that I have used this product, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful (have suffered from breakouts while reviewing a few other brands in the past)!!!

The Platinum Refining Thermal Mask can be found at http://www.bionyxskincare.com.

My Recommendation
Hell yes!!! That absolutely ridiculous price tag aside, this product has a lot working for it. It smoothens your skin, gives it a flawless appearance, leaves you feeling beautiful and also relaxes your mind at the same time. If you have a hectic schedule like me or wish to cut down on those frequent de-stressing spa sessions, this mask could just be the perfect product for you. I will recommend this to everyone, and I am certainly gonna purchase a refill when I need one. I am still quite annoyed with the price tag, but I absolutely cannot argue with such results. And hey, it is ok for a lady to indulge in such things every once in a while!!