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As a woman always on the lookout for new and effective skincare products, I had to try Celestolite. This brand promises “luxury skincare with celestial ingredients.” Here’s my honest review of the brand and their products.


Packaging: Sleek and Luxurious

celestolite sleek packaging

Celestolite definitely lives up to its promise of luxury. The products come in sleek, high-quality containers that look like they belong on the shelves of a high-end department store. When I received my order in the mail, I was impressed by how well-packaged everything was. No chance of any products getting damaged in transit.


Product Review: Jade Spectra Bead Cream

jade bead cream

One of the first products I tried was the Celestolite Jade Spectra Bead Cream. This cream promises to “leave your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.” I have to say, it definitely delivered on that promise.

The cream itself is an off-white color, and it has little beads in it that you can feel as you massage it into your skin. It’s not too harsh – just enough to give your skin a gentle scrub. And when you rinse it off, your skin feels incredibly smooth and soft. I also love the fact that it’s made with Meteorite powder, which is said to have a cooling effect on the complexion.


Product Review: Cosmic Firming Mask

cosmic firming mask

Next up, I tried the Celestolite Cosmic Firming Mask. This mask promises to “promote the feeling of smoother and tighter-looking skin.” I have to say, this is one of the best masks I’ve ever tried.

It’s a thick, creamy consistency, and when you apply it to your skin, you can feel it tightening and firming almost immediately. But it’s not uncomfortable – in fact, it feels quite soothing. I left it on for about 20 minutes, then rinsed it off with warm water. The result? My skin looked noticeably firmer and more lifted, and it felt incredibly hydrated and appeared plump.


Product Review: Cosmic Firming Serum

cosmic cream and serum

Another product that I’ve been loving is the Celestolite Cosmic Firming Serum. This serum promises to “reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you feeling smooth and luminous.” It’s a lightweight, almost watery consistency, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. I’ve been using it in the morning before I apply my moisturizer. So far, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the overall brightness and evenness of my skin tone. It also feels very hydrating. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry at all, even in the middle of the day.


Product Review: Estrella Hydrating Eye Cream

hydrating eye cream

Finally, I have to talk about the Celestolite Estrella Hydrating Eye Cream. This cream promises to “leave your under-eyes looking brighter and well-rested.” As someone who is always on the lookout for a good eye cream, I had high hopes for this one – and it did not disappoint. The cream itself is very rich and thick, but it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave any greasiness behind. I’ve been using it every night before bed. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the fine lines around my eyes. They’re less noticeable, and my skin feels smoother and more hydrated overall.


Pricing and Ethical Sourcing

celestolite products

One thing to note is that Celestolite is definitely a luxury brand, and the prices reflect that. The Jade Spectra Bead Cream, for example, retails for $900, while the Cosmic Firming Mask is $1000. That’s definitely not cheap – but if you’re someone who is willing to invest in high-end skincare, then I think these products are definitely worth considering.


However, I wish Celestolite offered more information about their ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes. Their website does mention that their products are tested and made in the USA and that they use scientifically proven ingredients.


Final Verdict: A Luxurious Experience

Overall, I would definitely recommend Celestolite to anyone who is looking for a high-end skincare brand that delivers on its promises. While the prices may be on the higher-end, I think that the quality of the products and the luxurious experience of using them make them worth the investment. If you’re someone who is looking for a skincare routine that feels indulgent and special, then Celestolite is definitely a brand to consider. With their celestial ingredients and high-end packaging, using Celestolite products truly feels like a luxurious experience.