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Summer is right around the corner but this season – like the rest to be honest – I get overjoyed with the idea of trying not only new clothes styles but also hairstyles. A major plus also is that summer also means concert and festival season so the more for me to try new hairstyles. I got some awesome curlers from HerStyler and I have found the way to the perfect waves and curls.

If you are not familiar with HerStyler, this brand some awesome one of a kind products, from hair care to hair accessories and to hair styling product all you need they have it. I had the opportunity to try some of these products recently and I am here to give you the info you need to know before you purchase these awesome styling tools.

HerStyler Heat Protective Straightening Cream

Before styling your hair there are some things that you always need to do, but the number one thing you need is to apply a heat protective cream. If you love and appreciate your beautiful hair this is a MUST! Heat does burn and damage your hair and let’s be serious none of us want to go out of our house with our hair looking like those cartoons when they burn something.

This particular heat protector has argan oil, sunflower seed, and panthenol as part of its main ingredients and all these ingredients mean one thing: NO FRIZZ. Yes you read correctly, all these ingredients work together to minimize or remove frizz from your hair, so you are not only protecting your hair from the heat the curling wands or flat iron are passing to your hair you are also combating frizz.

With just a little bit of product, you can cover most of your hair; this product is of cream consistency and it smells so good it a combination between coconut and just this beachy feel in general that you will love.

Now let’s get into the good stuff the curlers. I tried HerStyler curlers one was the 360 Spinstyler and the 3P Curler both do beautiful curls and waves but you may be wondering how my experience with them was?

360 Spinstyler

Remember when we were young and on Saturdays, we will sit down and see cartoons and those kids hair products commercial would come up. Like that purple spin braids or the pink spin bedazzled, that would curl and also tap a little fake diamond on your hair with just tone click.  And after seeing those commercials we would cry to our moms to buy us one but our mothers would say no but then “Santa” would bring them to us. Well, the 360 Spinstyler is the adult version of our childhood dreams hair styler.

The 360 Spinstyler is an automated 360 curler; with just a press of a button, you get a perfect curl. But don’t worry it is proven that it is tangles free, so if you are scared your hair will get in a tangled mess while styling it, have no such thing as fear and just click away. This curler has a ceramic barrel which means one thing even heating. Curler with ceramic barrels distribute heat evenly in the barrel making it easier for you to curl, but it also distributes negative ions better.

Because of this, the curler has negative ion technology which leaves your hair looking shiny and frizz free, and that is something we all can agree that we want.

This curler heats up to 400* F and has a 25mm barrel, which makes it perfect to achieve a nice curl or a more wavy look. It also has a 360 swivel cord to make your styling process an easy one but especially a tangled cord – free experience and a major feature that this curler has is the dual voltage.  This feature is great because it means it can be used in both 110-120V and 220-240V and it won’t affect the curler, but it also makes it perfect for traveling because it will adapt to the voltage requirements in any place.

Now let’s begin with the fun part, the 360 SpinStyler comes in a really cute black and white packaging and the styler is metallic pink with black. When I first saw it I was like “how will this work with my short hair?” I don’t have super short hear but it is around my shoulders so that worried me a bit, but after a quick search online I found a tutorial video of the styler and the model has short hair so I was ready to use it.

The curler has 3 buttons, the one and off button and two buttons more one which is to curl up your hair and the last one is to remove your hair from the curler. When you press the right button it will curl it up going in a circular motion to the left side and once you press the left button it will loosen up your hair going into a right circular motion. It also has a red light that indicates that it is on.

I styled my hair with the 360 Spinstyler and I wanted to achieve a wavier look than doing curls. I feel waves look so nice during spring and summer time it gives a more chill and carefree vibe. I divided my hair into 3 sections and started styling my hair from the bottom working my hair all the way to the top. I got a one-inch section of hair and place it around the barrel press the button and let the Spinstyler curl up your hair, move the curler near your roots and wait around five to six seconds. What’s nice about the left and right buttons is that you decided where and how to curl your hair making it seem more natural. After this, you can choose to which way you will part your hair or what you can add to style it.

3P Curler

If you liked the 360 Spinstyler then you will love the 3P Curler. If you ever get tired of having 3 to 4 different styling tools staked away in your drawer, you can get those and just throw them away. The 3P Curler is everything you ever wanted, this is a three barrel curler with just one handle; you can just change the barrel depending on the hairstyle you want to achieve that day.

It comes with three Teflon barrels, each barrel with different diameters which are 9/18mm, 18/25mm and 25/25mm.  One of the things that I like a lot about HerStyler hair tools is that they have a 360 swivel cord, and if you are like that I get tangled up with everything and this makes hairstyling easier. It also has negative ion technology, like I mentioned before it prevents frizz and gives you extra shine.  The 3P Curler heats up to 400*F and comes with temperature recovery which means the curler will cool down quickly.

Just like the 360 Spinstyler the 3P Curler has dual voltage, let’s take a moment to appreciate this because you can have endlessly good looking hair anywhere you go. For safety measures the 3P Curler includes a heat protective glove, so you can style your hair free without worrying about burning your hair. It also includes a one year warranty.

The packaging is also white and black and includes instructions on the package on how to use the product correctly. The curler handle and barrels are all in the color black. It comes with two heating options which are marked as one and two. It also has a red led light which indicates that the curler is on and ready to be used.

This curler is perfect if you love going to concerts or festivals, you can do more than just one look or hairstyle and have perfectly styled curls or waves.

Here is a list of some hairstyles you can try with the different barrels for your next concert or festival:

1) Big Waves with Sparkles

The 25/25mm barrel is perfect to achieve this bit wavy look.

  1. Apply a heat protecting cream and divide your hair into 3 sections
  2. Starting from the bottom get a 1 inch or a 1.5-inch piece of your hair and instead of curling your hair upwards place the curler in the middle part of that piece of hair and curl the remaining piece of hair inward.
  3. After curling all your hair, you can part it right in the middle and do some half buns leaving the remaining part of your hair loose or just leave it all loose.
  4. Get some glitter of all shapes mix it up with the colors you want and apply it in the divided part of your hair.
  5. Apply some hairspray to seal everything.

2) Flower Crown

If you want some loose curls perfect for a pretty flower crown grab the 18/25mm barrel and get ready to curl.

  1. Comb your hair and apply a heat protecting cream
  2. Divide your hair as you please but preferably it should be in 3 sections to make the curling process easier
  3. Take a one or two-inch piece of hair as you would prefer point the curling barrel downward and loop the hair around the barrel and leave a bit of the end part of the hair not touching the barrel to not make it seem as a tight curl, repeat this with all your hair
  4. Apply a bit of hair serum for extra shine
  5. With your finger comb your hair upwards between your curls and while it falls down apply hairspray this will give it more volume and will make the curls less tight. Put on your flower crown and off you go.

3) Voluminous Curls

If you have ever seen the queen of festivals herself also known as Vanessa Hudgens then achieve her beautiful curls with the 9/18 mm barrel.

  1. Comb your hair and apply a heat protecting cream
  2. Divide your hair it can be done in 3 or 4 sections
  3. Going from the down part of your hair up you will get one inch or half an inch piece of hair, with the curler facing down loop your hair around the barrel, and hold it from 10 to 12 seconds and release for the perfect tight curl.
  4. After finishing your curls apply a bit of hair serum for extra shine and accessories this with a hair and or diadem.

Always and let me repeat this one more time always remember to use a heat protecting cream, they exist for a reason. If you love your hair and want to show it off as pretty and flawless use a heat protecting cream you don’t want to burn your hair off or create split ends. Another very important thing you must not forget is to use a hair serum. Hair Serums are great to give extra shine and to protect your hair, even though I don’t mention it in the steps, you can feel free to use a hair serum before and after styling. Let’s say you just washed your hair apply a hair serum after you have dried and styled it you can replay to make it look more beautiful and with extra shine, you can call the hair serum the shine creator because it will take your hair from dull to the maximum shine in no time.

Bonus Tip

After all, this styling takes some time to also apply a hair mask once a weak to protect your hair.

Search for more hairstyles that you would like to try on your favorites and use these wonderful curling tools to make them happen.  If you want to know more about these awesome curling irons and other awesome hair tools HerStyler has for you click on the link.