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Want to update your skincare routine but not sure where to start?

If you’re on the hunt for products that will leave your skin looking firm, bright, and wrinkle-free, the Seagrass Collection from Lavelier is worth considering. These exquisite products not only look the part but, unlike many of the other skincare products out there, actually deliver on their promises. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of the products in this show-stopping collection:

The Seagrass BioPlumping Wrinkle Treatment

Seagrass Bio Wrinkle Treatment

The first product that we tested from the Lavelier Seagrass Collection was the Seagrass BioPlumping Wrinkle Treatment. We’ll admit – this product had us feeling a little dubious to begin with. It claims to instantly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, smile lines, and other wrinkles, to the point where it sounded too good to be true!

However, just one use of this product left us more than impressed. All you need to do is spread a small amount of the product (which has a serum-like texture) directly onto your targeted wrinkles. They don’t disappear immediately but, after a minute or so, they look significantly lighter and softer. Fine lines appear to fade away completely while deeper wrinkles look more like subtle creases.

These amazing results are all down to the carefully chosen ingredients that Lavelier has included in this formula. Sodium hyaluronate, acetyl hexapeptide-8, alpha-hydroxy acids, squalane, and DMAE can all be found on the ingredient list. They’re each renowned for their fast-acting effects – something that this formula takes full advantage of!

The Halophil Encapsulated Serum

Halophil Encapsulated Serum

Encapsulated serums have been in the spotlight quite a bit recently. More and more dermatologists are recommending them, praising the way in which encapsulation helps to keep the serum stable and potent. While many other serums begin to decline in efficacy immediately after they’ve been opened, an encapsulated serum retains its power for much longer.

Because of this, we were so excited to try the Lavelier Halophil Encapsulated Serum. It comes in a sleek jar, which is filled with small pearl-like capsules. Break one open and you’ll see a silky serum inside. Simply squeeze out the product and apply it to your face and neck, using a second capsule if needed.

So, what exactly does this serum do? In our experience, it immediately gives the complexion a smoother finish. It makes the skin feel unbelievably soft to the touch while also adding a beautiful luminescence. This is all thanks to the top-tier ingredients that Lavelier has used in this serum. Szechuan pepper extract, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, and gold are just a few of the compounds in this formula, resulting in a high-powered blend that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else!

The Seagrass Phyto Silk

Seagrass Phyto Silk

While the two Lavelier products that we’ve reviewed above are designed for weekly use, the Seagrass Phyto Silk can be applied daily. It’s a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that, unlike many of the other creams out there, can be used on all skin types.

To start with, we put this to the test on dry skin. Oil-free moisturizers can sometimes be lacking when dealing with particularly rough and flaky patches. However, this one immediately softens the complexion and almost instantly erases the look of dryness. It gives the skin a beautifully dewy finish.

This cream works just as well on oily skin. It feels incredibly hydrating and, even with a thicker layer of the product on, it doesn’t clog up the pores. Better yet, it gives the skin a matte appearance, countering the look of shine that oily skin often sports.

What’s in this moisturizer? A long list of super-hydrating ingredients. Algae extract, coral seaweed extract, sodium hyaluronate, and collagen are just a few of the moisture-binding ingredients in this cream. It’s also brimming with vitamins and antioxidants, along with licorice root extract to even out the skin tone.

The Seagrass Cymosilk Masque

Seagrass Cymosilk Masque

The Seagrass Cymosilk Masque is another Lavelier product that has been created for weekly use. It has been designed to diminish the appearance of skin aging by smoothing away the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Does it actually manage to do this? Without a doubt, yes. With that said, since this is a leave-on mask, you likely won’t see a difference in your complexion straight away. However, apply it to your skin before bed and you’ll wake up with skin that feels notably firmer and tighter. 

The ingredients in this mask are definitely worth a mention. It boasts a long list of superfood extracts, including goji, mangosteen, acai berry, and bilberry. Each one is classed as a superfood because of its extraordinarily high antioxidant content, making this a product that you’ll definitely want to pamper your skin with!

Is the Lavelier Seagrass Collection Worth Buying?

When it comes to high-quality skincare ingredients, it doesn’t get much better than the Lavelier Seagrass Collection. We’ve reviewed so many skincare products over the years and this collection is, without a doubt, one of our favorites. Each product has been impeccably crafted in a way that leaves the skin feeling infinitely healthier. Add just one of these formulas to your skincare routine and you’ll see a big improvement in your complexion. Add them all in and your skin will soon start to look better than it ever has!