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When scrolling through my socials a couple of months ago, I came across Introstem, a skincare brand that I hadn’t previously heard of. The brand’s products are undeniably eye-catching, yet those eye-watering prices are understandably enough to put some people off.

With that said, I’m no stranger to luxury skincare. I’m happy to fork out the big bucks for my skin, but only when those products are worth it. So, I decided to give Introstem a test drive to find out whether or not these attention-grabbing products are worth spending on.

Cutting-Edge Ingredients

Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum

The first thing that stood out to me about Introstem was the ingredients that the brand uses in its products. Introstem’s signature ingredient is grape stem cells, something that I haven’t encountered before. However, it’s an ingredient that’s fully backed by science, with research confirming that grape stem cells have the ability to reverse the appearance of aging and repair the look of skin damage.

Serums are always the best way to pamper your skin with actives, so I treated myself to the grape stem cell-infused Introstem Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum. After using it for seven weeks, I’m truly amazed by the results. My fine lines now look non-existent and my entire face has taken on a much smoother and firmer finish. I was already using a vitamin C serum twice a day and hadn’t seen such dramatic results before. My guess is that the grape stem cells in this formula really ramp up its power!

You’ll find grape stem cells in all of Introstem’s products. In each one, they’re combined with a blend of other cutting-edge ingredients. Take the Lumi Cell Overnight Mask as another example (a product that I quickly fell in love with!). Grape stem cells are joined by peptides and a long line of superfruit extracts. The ingredient list reads like a superfood smoothie, only better, with each extract loaded with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals that would do anyone’s skin a favor or two.

Advanced Product Formulas

Thermostem Completion Cream

Not only does Introstem make use of high-quality ingredients, but the brand puts these compounds together in ways that set these products way above the competition. Each formula is crafted to ensure that the ingredients within complement each other, raising their potency for maximum effect.

I discovered this for myself with the Introstem Thermostem Completion Cream. I’m always hesitant when trying new creams as many of them clog up my combination skin. However, this formula seems to have been designed specifically for my troubled complexion. For starters, it’s lightweight, yet it’s packed with incredible ingredients. There are vitamins and botanical extracts abound, with this formula also incorporating salicylic acid. This beta-hydroxy acid isn’t often found in face creams – yet another example of Introstem pushing boundaries. It keeps my pores feeling clear while leaving my oily areas looking less greasy – it really is a match made in heaven!

I also have to mention the Introstem Stem Cell Anti-Aging Wrinkle Treatment. I’ve used a few other products in the past that have promised to instantly smooth away the look of wrinkles. However, none of them deliver in the way that this one does. What makes this formula even better is the fact that, in addition to instantly giving you a crease-free complexion, it’s packed with ingredients that will reduce the look of aging in the long run too.

An Eco-Friendly Touch

In this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly important for beauty brands to be environmentally aware. 95% of cosmetic packaging ending up in landfills is no joke, but it’s uplifting to see how more and more consumers are now prioritizing sustainability when it comes to their skincare choices.

With Introstem, this becomes so much easier. The brand’s packaging is recyclable, which is something that I always seek out when shopping for skincare. 

Even better, none of Introstem’s products have been tested on animals. More and more brands are taking this route now. Not only is it the more ethical option, but it also makes for more accurate testing results. Some of the non-animal testing methods out there may cost more but, in the long run, they’re so much better in every way.  In vitro testing with human cells and tissues is a much more efficient method for judging product works.

Raving Reviews

Of course, before I, as well as many consumers, buy a new skincare product, I always make an effort to read customer reviews. These are sometimes enough to put me right off a brand. However, in the case of Introstem, reviews are generally very positive.

I scoured the internet and read reviews written on beauty blogs, social media, and more. People who have tried this brand absolutely love it. The before and after photos are undeniably impressive. They’re on par with what you would expect to see after a professional dermatological treatment rather than simply using topical products. 

As mentioned, I’ve only been using Introstem for just under two months now. Judging by the reviews that I’ve read, the amazing results that I’ve witnessed will only continue to improve over the next few months. I’m genuinely excited to see what else these products are going to do for my skin!

Conclusion: Is Introstem Worth It?

So, when it comes down to it, is Introstem worth it?

Considering all of the above, I would have to say yes. Sure, these products may cost a little more than what many might usually spend on skincare, but they also deliver results in a way that other products fail to do. In the case of Introstem, you’re paying for unparalleled quality, making these products 100% worth investing in.