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Review by Jennifer Pacheco

Finding the perfect care regimen for your face is not any easy task. Sometimes it takes years of testing different products before you can choose a brand that nourishes and fortifies your skin without any adverse reactions. 

Personally, when I try out a new skincare line, my face breaks out with sporadic acne. It typically takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months before my skin can adapt and not break out.

That all changed when an opportunity was presented to me to try CbGäRDN… 

CbGäRDN Skincare Products

CBGold and CBDGold items make up the CbGäRDN collection. 

The products that were given to me included the following: 

  • Cleansing Elixir Kit
  • Eye Serum Concentrate
  • Anti-Wrinkle Confidence Solution
  • Micro Exfoliant Plus
  • Night Renewing Crème
  • Bio-Restorative Crème

My Initial Thoughts

CbGaRDN products by sink

The Cleansing Elixir Kit has a hard reputation to live up to. When I purchase cleansers and toners, I presume that they’re going to do a good job with deep cleaning my pores and making my face feel fresh and soft. I’ll tell you more about my experience with this kit below.

When I took a look at the Eye Serum Concentrate, I immediately thought that a woman’s eyes are supposed to say 101 things. Heathy, happy eyes can only be achieved with the appropriate skincare products, and the perfect formula would ideally reduce shadows and circles around the eyes while enhancing the natural look. The product I received did just that and you’ll see in my verdict section.

I’m in my mid-20’s, and right now, wrinkles are not dramatically popping up yet. However, I still want to stay on top of the situation before it gets worse in later years. The Anti-Wrinkle Confidence Solution presented to me in the shipment looked intense, in its syringe-shaped tubing, and I felt that it would live up to a great expectation. My review is written below.

Prior to actually using the Micro Exfoliant Plus, I had no idea what a product like that was used for. I do, however, enjoy a good, deep cleansing face wash. I searched the internet to see if there was a definition of the product and found that formula’s like this are created to work all the facial kinks out, cleaning-wise. My review can be found in the paragraphs to come.

Finding a night cream that stays on and doesn’t produce a lot of oil is difficult. Finding one that is filled with antioxidants is even harder. You’ll get to read my thoughts on the Night Renewing Crème below, too.

The Bio-Restorative Crème was created to help your face feel nourished after a deep cleanse, and it was quite convenient that both this cream and the Micro Exfoliant Plus were included as a package deal. My skin tends to feel very dry after a good scrub, but to have a good cream application afterward is necessary. My review on that can be found later on in this article, too.

The Genetic Make-Up

Each item in the collection is made using all-natural ingredients. The hemp and CBD derived products for your skin have unique genetics holding the carefully crafted formulas together. 

Ingredients that are commonly found include cannabis sativa extract, cannabis sativa seed oil, gold, shea butter, organic sweet almond oil, and vitamins C & E.

Research on the Ingredients

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil

Cannabis sativa extract is proven to infinitely help with inflammatory issues and responses. When added to solution formula’s, the ingredient can work together with other additives to create a perfect healing treatment for skincare use.

Cannabis sativa seed oil is surprisingly the new trendy ingredient in skincare products, particularly for its ability to calm inflammation and curve the skin aging process. Many creams and anti-aging products have this ingredient inside.

Gold works its skincare magic in a number of ways, including but not limited to, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, stimulating lively skin cells, depleting collagen, and treating sun damage. Often, gold is in products that should be used daily.

Shea butter shares a few common similarities with cannabis sativa seed oil; the two ingredients work well together to promote anti-inflammatory properties and reduce aging. The fat extracted from shea tree nuts is creamy and soft for a facial cream.

Organic sweet almond oil works to improve complexion and even out skin tone. Almond oil is also great at reducing fine lines and wrinkles when mixed with the correct blend of additional ingredients.

Vitamins C & E are two of the four most important vitamins in skincare. Vitamin C is filled with antioxidants, proven to keep skin healthy, and perfect for reducing cell damage. Vitamin E is also filled with antioxidants but can prevent dark spots and wrinkles additionally.

First Things First: You Have to Cleanse

CbGaRDN products on table

At first sight

Whenever I open a cleansing kit that I’ve purchased or agreed to try out, I expect to find a clean box with the appropriate supplies inside. Generally, every cleansing elixir kit is naturally supposed to come with a cleanser and a toner, and I knew those were the products inside from the accurate description on the outside.

At first sight, the olive green, small box made me curious. What size were the bottles going to be? Would enough of the product be inside for me to use? The answers to those questions were big bottles and a lot of product.

The cleanser and toner were perfectly placed and secured as to not move around, which meant that no product could get out of its bottle – that’s important. I was impressed. 

How to use

Per any skin cleaning regimen, the facial cleanser is applied first, washed off, and then the toner is applied.

Every morning and night, I would apply the CBGold Facial Cleanser to my damp skin, moistened by lukewarm water. I would then lather the cleanser into my skin, massage for about a minute, and rinse with warm water until all of the facial wash was removed from my skin. In the morning, I would pat dry and apply the toner immediately after using a small cotton ball or tissue. 

Ingredients inside

The advanced cleansing duo is perfect for detoxifying your pores and getting rid of those fine lines that sometimes find their way spread across your face. The natural genetic makeup of the carefully thought out and tested solution is proven to work wonders for your skin.

The verdict

I genuinely felt fresher after using the CBGold Facial Cleanser every morning and night. It’s light and doesn’t leave your face feeling cakey after you rinse the product off. Some solutions can feel heavy on your face, but this one is absolutely refreshing.

The toner also has a delicate feel to it. Some toners don’t do their job right, and in the end, my makeup feels extra oily after a few hours. This toner makes my face feel free when I apply makeup, and when I don’t apply makeup.

CBDGold Eye Serum Concentrate

Hand applying serum to fingertip

At first sight

Instead of being paired with another product from the same line, this eye serum concentrate was shipped to me in a separate box. 

The exact same great packaging was found with this thick serum. It was secured in a box with no wiggle room, remaining safe from leakage.

How to use

Every morning and evening, I would apply the CBDGold Eye Serum Concentrate to the clean skin around my eyes after cleansing. All it takes is one small pump of the serum onto your finger. Then, I would gently rub the solution around my eyes in a clockwise motion.

Ingredients inside

Cannabis sativa extract, gold, and vitamin C made up the formula for CBDGold Eye Serum Concentrate. These ingredients were specifically mixed together to hydrate and revive the skin around the eyes. 

A bonus of this product was the added ingredient of organic green tea extract, present to help reduce the appearance of dark shadows and puffiness around the eyes.

The verdict

I’ll be honest, I had my doubts at first regarding the serum when I saw how thick and syrupy the formula was. However, once I started to apply the solution day in and day out, I realized that it did a great job at hydrating the skin around my eyes. I didn’t feel lifeless with my eye makeup anymore. The serum combined with the toner and my makeup made me feel and look healthier under and around my eyes.

CBDGold Anti-Wrinkle Confidence Solution

CbGaRDN products laid out

At first sight

The long, olive green box for the anti-wrinkle solution made me automatically think the product was going to come in a tube. I was definitely surprised to find the cream-like substance inside of a syringe. I was also shocked by the way the product came out of the syringe, and the consistency of it. 

How to use

The key to applying the Anti-Wrinkle Confidence Solution to my skin was to remind myself that my face needed to be dry and clean. At first, I had a bad habit of applying it to moistened skin, but I got used to the routine in a couple of days.

I would apply the solution daily to my wrinkles and fine lines. Though I was weary of the positive effects of this one, I found my doubts went away rather quickly. The confidence solution quite literally does just that, promotes your skin confidence.

Ingredients inside

The green-ish solution is delicate on my skin and I think it has something to do with the carefully selected ingredients inside: Cannabis sativa extract, gold, and organic sweet almond oil.

The combination quite literally immediately helps get rid of wrinkles in a way that’s non-surgical. The skin-plumping retinyl palmitate that’s infused inside is just an added bonus.

The verdict

I’ll be honest, I do need to get into the habit of using this product every day – but on the days that I do use it, I find my face feels more alive. The fine lines may not go away in the flash of an eye considering I don’t make it a full part of my regimen, but they are hardly noticeable now.

CBGold Microexfoliant Plus

CbGaRDN Microexfoliant on applicator

At first sight

The Microexfoliant Plus came in the tiniest, most admirable jar, with a small scooping agent to access the gel-like product. And I needed that scooping agent to reach the hard-to-reach areas inside the jar, so that did come in handy.

How to use

First and foremost, I would cleanse my face thoroughly using the facial cleanser. Getting all that makeup off your face is a priority. Then, I would apply a small amount of the Microexfoliant Plus to my face and gently massage the thick liquid into my skin in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Immediately after, I would rinse my face with cool water, not warm water. All of that hidden gunk under my pores would come out in an instant. 

It’s recommended to only use this product one or two times per week because it can start to be harsh on the skin. I would always follow this usage up with a thin application of the Bio-Restorative Crème. 

Ingredients inside

The genetic makeup of the Micro Exfoliant Plus includes cannabis sativa seed oil, gold, and vitamin E, to help refresh your skin. The gel was created to combine vitamin E and cannabis sativa seed oil to ultimately exfoliate and deep clean the skin.

The verdict

This is my absolute favorite product of all! The cleanser would get so deep in my skin and my face would feel so incredibly clean after each use – I even bragged about the product to all of my friends and family. 

CBGold Night Renewing Crème

CbGaRDN product jars

At first sight

The CBGold Night Renewing Crème was found in the exact same packaging as the Micro Exfoliant Plus was found in. The same jar was used, obviously with a different product inside, and the same small, spoon-like instrument was included to grasp the cream without getting your fingers inside the container.

How to use

The simplest of directions – every night after using the Facial Cleanser, I would smooth the cream over my face before bed. The only way I would not, is when I chose to use the bio-restorative cream instead.

Ingredients inside

Filled with cannabis sativa extract, gold, and shea butter, this cream is filled with antioxidants. It naturally works overnight to soften and moisturize skin in an effortless manner.

The verdict

CBGold Night Renewing Crème does exactly what it was created to do – renew my face overnight. I really do wake up every morning feeling refreshed facially. It even gives off a lovely aroma that floats around my face while I sleep.

CBGold Bio-Restorative Crème

CbGaRDN products on table

At first sight

The last two product reviews, Micro Exfoliant Plus and Night Renewing Crème, both came in a tightly sealed package with a small spatula-like applicator. The Bio-Restorative Crème came the same way, and I appreciated the attention to detail on the packaging.

How to use

Every night after cleansing my skin, I would choose to use the Night Renewing Crème or the Bio-Restorative Crème, or both. When I did use both, I would first apply the bio-restorative and then put a small layer of the night renewing over it. 

I always used an upward motion to apply the Bio-Restorative Crème to my face and neck.

Ingredients inside

The Bio-Restorative Crème formula is made up of cannabis sativa seed oil, gold, and vitamin E, making it a lightweight day or night cream. The shea butter replenishes moisture loss, and the sunflower seed oil softens and nourishes the skin, leaving my face with a long-lasting, natural glow.

The verdict

Applying the Bio-Restorative Crème daily made my skin feel smooth and nourished. All it would take is a small, dime-shaped scoop of the product, and I automatically felt like a new person. I would especially be mindful to apply this after I went through a Micro Exfoliant treatment; that’s when the hydration and moisturization was really needed. 

In Conclusion

Agreeing to test out products and write out a review is easy, genuinely enjoying what was mailed and shipped to your doorstep is difficult.

Luckily, the mailing, shipping, and communication behind this entire process was flawless. Each product exceeded expectations and made me truly trust the brand CbGaRDN. 

I’d be happy to recommend these products to any and everyone looking for a new and perfect skincare regimen. If you have dry skin, oily skin, skin that breaks out, or just all-over-the-place skin, this brand will help you tackle the problem and leave your face feeling healthier than it did before the process began.

Trust in them the way that I did, and you’ll know soon enough.