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Exploring a new city or country is always so much fun, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out everything you should do or try. No matter where you are in the world, businesses are always trying to get their hands on those tourist dollars, and when you fall prey to that, you might be missing out on a great authentic experience. I find this is especially true when trying to figure out what to eat in a foreign land, particularly if you don’t speak the language. So that’s why I’ve compiled this list for you of the best dishes to try if you ever visit Korea!

Bibimbap translates literally to ‘mixed rice.’ This dish is pretty much a big mix of sautéed veggies, steamed rice, with a raw egg in the middle and a delicious red chili pepper sauce. Sliced meat, typically beef, is also a common addition. Not only does this dish taste great, it looks great too! Veggies are sorted to create a beautiful colorful aesthetic. It’s served in a stone bowl and is stirred right before eating, and the hot stone continues to cook it to perfection throughout!

Dak Galbi
This is a great dish to try when also sampling Korean culture. This is a dish meant for sharing with friends, and socializing is a huge part of the Korean dining experience. Dak Galbi is typically served in a dish that’s built into the centre of the table, with marinated pieces of chicken, a chili pepper paste-based sauce, sliced cabbage, sweet potato and onions. It’s also super affordable, making it a big favorite of local university students, so you don’t have to break the bank to try this amazing dish!

Kimbap is essentially Korean sushi, and translates to ‘seaweed rice.’ The flavor differs from Japanese sushi thanks to the pickled radish, and there is typically cooked meat instead of raw seafood. You can get this pretty much anywhere, including convenience stores, and are often served as whole long, burrito-like piece instead of cut into tiny rolls like Japanese sushi (though a sit-down restaurant would serve it in cut pieces).