Woman looking at phone biting nails

10 Steps to Quit Your Nail Biting Habit

Tired of having chipped-off nails?  Then maybe, you have to consider quitting your nail-biting habit. Nail-biting or onychophagia is a bad habit of gnawing off the nails, and sometimes even the soft tissues on the nail bed and cuticles. People of any age or gender are prone to chewing off their nails. A related condition…

Woman walking in front of airport with bag and phone in hand

12 Useful Time-Saving Travel Hacks

Looking for a way to save time, as well as stress, when traveling? These 12 travel hacks will have you covered. An Airline Departure Board for Your Phone Airports can be pretty fun places. With all of those bars and restaurants to dine at, along with numerous shops to browse, it can be quite easy…