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I am writing this from my newly zen state. When my hair is good, all the world is peaceful, and I am happy to report that my hair is good, and I am finally at peace, thank you, Nubi. What you are about to read my story, the story of one woman’s journey to overcome her hair challenges and become comfortable in her own skin.

My Story

I see life as a constant path to achieving inner peace, but I could never achieve inner peace as long as my hair looked like a hot mess. I tried yoga, and meditation, but no matter how stress-free I became, thoughts of how awful my hair looked kept me from achieving my zen state. It may sound petty, but I believe there are those out there who can sympathize. When women are not happy with the way they look, women are not happy.

If I had one wish as a child, it would have been for straight hair. From day one, it was clear that my hair was a force to be reckoned with. While other girls’ hair grew long and sleek, mine grew up and out; and it seemed there was no comb or brush strong enough to penetrate its dense mass or fight its powerful anti-gravitational pull.

I tried, oh how I tried. Every day I battled with straightening brushes, flat irons, and hairdryers, even anti-humidifiers, but no matter what I did, I only ended up with a lot of static electricity, a bunch of split ends, and unnecessary grief. I used serums, protective products, keratin treatments, conditioners, and even detanglers. Even when my hair started to look vaguely like something close to close to stylish, it would end up looking dry and brittle just days later, even if I applied the most nourishing oils. It was hopeless; my hair was either a natural mess, or a chemically treated nightmare, and nothing in between.

What could I do? My desire to get my unruly hair in order had reached obsessional proportions. It became impossible for me to do anything without the (literal) black cloud of my hair lurking over my head. Now, my hair wasn’t just affecting my looks, it was affecting my self-esteem.

I knew that this could not be healthy. After all, weren’t we supposed to love ourselves? Weren’t we all supposed to find the beauty in ourselves, and learn to accept what we couldn’t change. If this was so, forgive me, I simply I couldn’t accept my hair. Even when I tried meditation, I found myself meditating on ways I could get my hair straight. At this rate, I would never become a guru.

Starting Out with Nubi

I had always loved Nubi products. Whenever I was looking for something to nourish my hair, Nubi always delivered. It was from Nubi that I purchased my first argan oil serum and coconut oil treatments, and (FYI) they both smelled like heaven. Whenever I thought of Nubi, I pictured an ancient group of people on a tropical island who had been harvesting the oils of all the nuts and trees for time immemorial, that all looked about half their ages (and probably all had great hair).

That’s when I made the life-changing discovery. Believe me when I tell you, I have seen the future in hair, and it is teal. Had it come with a lightning bolt, it could not have been more groundbreaking. It was the Nubi Simply Sleek Styling Brush, and it changed my life.

My Experience with the Nubi Simply Sleek Styling Brush

If there was anything I hadn’t tried on my hair, it was an electric brush. The concept behind the Nubi Simply Sleek Styling brush was nothing short of genius. It was a brush that you plugged into the wall that you could use on your hair to reduce flyaways, frizz, and give your hair volume and endless shine. I also liked the fact that it used negative ion technology, which fights the positive ions in static, and seals in moisture to keep your hair healthy. Hey, if it worked for the Nubi people, I was willing to try it.

First, let’s talk about the color; this is not your regular teal, this is sports car teal, metallic teal, favorite nail polish teal, and that’s the box and the brush. The box is also embossed with elegant silver writing, the perfect balance of classic and modern, just screams to be opened, and definitely not going in the trash anytime soon – but the real prize was on the inside.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when I saw the Nubi Simply Sleek, it was love at first sight. The first thing I loved was the fact that it was super sturdy and had weight to it. If there was anything that was going to take on my hair, this was going to do it. The SuperSleek made flat irons look like toys.

Plus, the handle was so comfortable. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would fit in my hand perfectly. I gripped it, and it was off to battle.

When I ran the Nubi Simply Sleek through my hair, something unusual happened: my hair responded. I mean, my hair actually relaxed, and it stayed relaxed, and it only took one brush through. Apparently, the Simply Sleek was showing my hair who the boss really was. It was also really easy to use. Not only was the grip perfect, it had a 360-degree chord so I could really get to every part of my hair. In fact, for most of the time, I barely noticed it was connected to the wall.

The Simply Sleek also has temperature control, and it heats up quickly, so be prepared. I started off at 430 degrees fahrenheit, which is the highest heat setting, figuring my hair would require the max, but when I got there, I kind of thought I should chill out a little. FYI, the Simply Sleek goes from 285 to 430, so you can customize it to suit any hair type.

I was finished in about five minutes, which is pretty amazing. I mean, it usually takes me at least twenty to blow dry my hair with a flat iron, and that’s on a good day. So let’s talk results.

My Results

Can I just say, “Wow?” I could not believe what I saw in the mirror! My hair was not just straight, it was sexy! What I saw before me were gorgeous beach waves. It was as if the Simply Sleek had instinctively known how to style my hair. Each curl hung loosely coiled with each curl in the right direction. I kid you not, I looked like a hair model, and I am not one to give myself undeserved compliments, but the real test was ahead. Would it last?

I have to admit, I did put in a little hairspray before I left, and I took quite a few selfies, just for insurance. If I ever post on match.com, I’ll surely use them. It was a slightly windy day, so I was a bit concerned. The first thing I noticed was the attention I got, not just from guys, but from ladies too. I mean, I now had not just normal hair, I had enviable hair. I had beautiful, relaxed, touchable, mermaid curls, how could I help but garner attention? As the day went on, I began to own it. Soon I was walking the walk, and talking the talk. Gorgeous hair? I just woke up like this.

But did it last? I am happy to report that when I returned home later that day, I found my hair in the same beautiful condition as I left. In fact, the wind may have made it look even better. That night, I slept the sleep of the follicly blessed.

After Two Weeks

Now I write to you a couple of weeks later to update my hair chronicles. They say time is the ultimate test, so let me tell you about whether or not my relationship with Simply Sleek withstood the ultimate test. If you’re guessing the Simply Sleek passed with flying colors, you guessed correctly. Of course, there was that small spoiler at the beginning which may have given you some ideas, but let me go into further detail.

First, let’s talk about my hair. My hair tends to form a sort of resistance to hair products, so what looks great at first might start looking a bit tired in a few weeks. Was the Simply Sleek triumph just a case of beginner’s luck? I am happy to report that the Simply Sleek was committed. Every day it coaxed my hair into unbelievable coiffed locks and there was no damage, frizz, or static to report. My hair maintained excellent condition style, and bounce and stayed shiny and hydrated.

Now, let’s talk about me. I know looks are superficial, but when my hair was a mess, I felt like a mess, and that just wasn’t how I wanted to feel. Simply Sleek helped me to feel more confident about the way I looked, and I think people took notice. After using Simply Sleek for a while, I found people responding to me and giving more priority to the things I said. But was it my hair, or was it my new confidence?

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t my new locks that were attracting attention, maybe it was my new self-image. I seemed to walk more gracefully, talk with more authority, even my wardrobe choices got a bit bolder. Maybe Simply Sleek was not fully responsible for my new attitude, however, it did help me to let go of my dark cloud and free my mind so I could focus on myself and what made me truly special. Perhaps, someday I will have the confidence to let my hair curl again and I can wear my true colors proudly, but until then,I am thankful to Nubi for giving me the (literal) tool I needed to get me in a comfortable place.

Final Thoughts

If your a newbie to Nubi, and want to try the Simply Sleek for yourself, here are just a few notes. First, the Simply Sleek is not just for impossibly thick hair, it’s also great for adding volume to thin hair. My sister has very fine hair, and after she used it, she looked like she had just come from getting a professional blowout at a salon. Second, it has structured bristles that do a great job at getting knots out, and you’ll love the feel of it in your hands. It also makes a great gift to yourself of anyone else. It might not change your life for the better, but it might just change your hair for the better.