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Fall can be a difficult hair month – you could spend ages creating the most elaborate hairstyle, only for unpredictable fall weather to turn that into disarray. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways in which you can get creative with your hair in the fall, beginning with these six trending fall-proof hairstyles. 

1) The “Cool Girl” Chignon


Looking for a practical and low-key fall-proof hairstyle that does not take too long to create? 

The “Cool Girl” chignon may be just what you need. 

Traditionally, a chignon referred to a knot of hair that was pinned at the back of a woman’s head, and was usually worn for a more formal occasion. However, this term has evolved quite a bit over the years…

A chignon now takes on so many different forms, with one being the “Cool Girl” chignon pictured above. 

What makes this chignon so cool? 

It looks completely effortless for starters, but still has such a chic quality to it. The amount of hair that you leave out to frame your face is completely up to you too, enabling you to really change up the look of this simple style. The fact that your hair is clipped back is also useful for a breezy fall day. 

Plus, hair clips are so trendy right now, especially oversized ones, meaning that you will likely find plenty of choice out there when it comes to choosing a few clips for this look. 

So, how exactly do you create this look? 

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Begin by spritzing a volumizing and texturizing spray through your hair. The extra texture will help to hold this style together, rather than allowing your hair to slip through your clips 
  2. Gather your hair together at the nape of your neck, in the same way you would if you were creating a low ponytail 
  3. Loop your hair around and then secure it with some hair clips 
  4. Use your fingers to gently ease away some strands of hair from the sides. These will help to frame your face and prevent this style from looking too harsh 
  5. Apply a texturizing paste to the ends of your hair if you want them to look more separated and structured 

Try experimenting with the amount of hair you release from the sides at the end, as well as with the clips you choose. A selection of large and chunky clips will provide a completely different effect than delicate clips will. 

Of course, the size of clip you choose should also depend on your hair type – those with thick and coarse hair will likely require a stronger clip than those with fine and light hair. 

2) The Bubble Ponytail


If you have been on Instagram lately, or just about any social media platform, you are likely well familiar with the bubble ponytail. 

It is sometimes also referred to as the sectioned ponytail, and, whatever you choose to call it, there is no denying that this is a totally fall-proof style. It keeps your hair back off your face, with the ponytail being secured in multiple locations too, meaning minimal flyaways. 

Want to give this look a try? 

Here’s how: 

  1. Pull half of your hair back, tying it with a clear elastic band. If your hair is lacking in volume, gently tug on a few of those strands running over the top, as this will prevent your hair from looking too slicked down 
  2. Separate off a section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band, before tucking the end into the band itself. This is to prevent the elastic band from being visible 
  3. Tease your ponytail to give it some extra volume, since this is what is going to form your very first bubble 
  4. Then, repeat the first three steps, until you have reached the end of your hair. Make sure that you do not forget to keep teasing your hair before creating each new ponytail and bubble – you want the final result to be full of volume, rather than looking flat 
  5. Once you are done, give all of the bubbles a small tug to widen them slightly, and adjust as necessary to ensure that they are all around the same size 
  6. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray to hold all of your hard work in place 

One huge advantage to the bubble ponytail is the fact that it works on every hair type, as well as almost every hair length.  

3) Braided With a Scarf


Scarves always become so much more popular in the fall, not only when it comes to your outfit, but also your hair accessories. 

A scarf can be added to so many different hairstyles, from using a scarf to tie off a standard ponytail to wrapping a bun up in a scarf. 

While those styles are great, tying your scarf into a braid is such a stylish way to rock your locks for fall. 

How do you actually do it? 

It’s simple: 

  1. Begin by having your hair loose, and then fold your chosen scarf in half 
  2. Separate off a top section of your hair and loop the scarf underneath this 
  3. Take hold of both your hair and the scarf together, treating them as though they are the same section 
  4. You can then begin braiding, treating your scarf in the same way you would treat the other sections of your hair 
  5. If you decide to add on some hairspray at the end, make sure that you wash your scarf before using it again, even if you are only going to be using it in your hair. After all, you don’t want to be dealing with all of that extra product build-up 

Not only does braiding a scarf into your hair make your braid appear larger, thicker and more dramatic, but it also adds a fun dose of color, texture and pattern into your look. 

Try experimenting with different scarves – you will find that various shades and textures work better with your hair, as well as your eye color and other features. 

4) A Sharp Glass Hair Bob

Have you heard of glass hair? 

It’s a hair trend that has become so popular. It shows no signs of going anywhere, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lucy Hale to Olivia Culpo owning this style, meaning that you might as well embrace this one for fall. 

Glass hair isn’t complicated to understand – it simply refers to hair that has been cut in a very sharp and defined way, with a shine and polish to it that makes it look almost like glass. 

Glass hair usually tends to look best with a bob, since this is a style that can really showcase dramatic edges and angles. Plus, a bob is so convenient for the fall, as you can snip away those dry summer ends and give your hair the chance to grow back stronger and healthier. 

However, not all bobs are the same…

Ideally, you should try to choose a bob length and style that works with your face shape. 


Here are some tips: 

  • Round Face – go for a longer bob, but stay away from long bangs 
  • Square Face – make sure that your bob falls a couple of inches below your jawline. Styles that are shorter in the back but longer in the front also work well for this face shape 
  • Heart-Shaped Face – a long bob will always be extremely flattering on a heart-shaped face, but try to keep the ends tapered. If you want to add bangs in too, go for side-swept bangs 
  • Long and Oval Faces – an angled bob with layers cut around the eyes will suit your face shape well. Blunt bangs would work too, and would look especially sleek with the glass hair look 

5) The Upside Down Braid


Those who prefer keeping their hair high up and off their face in the fall can often find themselves stumped when it comes to creating new hairstyles. 

Well, if you have not yet tried the upside down braid, this is one that you should definitely have a go with. 

It may look complicated, but, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to throw this style together in no time at all. 

Ready to get started? 

Follow these steps: 

  1. As with any braided style, you would be best off creating this look with hair that has not been washed for a couple of days. If you have recently washed your hair, add a texturizing spray in to give your hair a bit of extra grip 
  2. Brush your hair and then divide it into two. If you want your braid to be on the thicker side, make sure that you leave more hair in the bottom section 
  3. Clip the top section of your hair up, so that it does not interfere with the braid you are about to create with the bottom section 
  4. Flip your hair upside down. The loose bottom section of your hair will now be hanging over your head. Give it another brush to ensure that there are no tangles, as these will really get in the way of your braid 
  5. Begin with the hair that is over your neck, and start braiding. You will need to create a French braid, adding small sections of your hair to the braid as you progress. Try to keep the braid as tight as possible 
  6. Once you get to the end, flip your hair the right way round again 
  7. Hold your braid in one hand, making sure that the end doesn’t unravel, while you use your other hand to release the section of hair that you had clipped back 
  8. Twist the now-loose section of hair with the end of your French braid, so that you form a ponytail and then a bun 
  9. Secure the bun onto your head with clips
  10. Spritz your hair with some hairspray to keep your upside down braid looking fabulous all day 

If you want to experiment with this style a bit, try tying your hair and braid off as just a ponytail, rather than twisting it into a bun. This completely transforms the look, giving you a high ponytail with plenty of texture underneath. 

6) Ghost Layers

Want something soft and subtle for fall? 

Ghost layers could be your answer…

It may not look very dramatic, but that’s exactly the point of this style. Ghost layers is a cutting technique that was invented by hairstylist Ramon Garcia. It enables a hairstylist to cut layers into hair, without taking away too much length. 

If you have ever been to a salon to have layers put in, only to look into the mirror in horror at the amount of hair you have lost, then you will understand why a style such as this has been much-needed. 

This isn’t a look that you can create on your own – you will definitely need your hairstylist’s help with this. 

Can’t find a hairstylist that is familiar with ghost layers? 

Send your stylist a link to Garcia’s Instagram account, where he demonstrates exactly how this effect can be created. He basically cuts away extra length from the layers underneath the hair, while leaving the overall length of the hair pretty much the same. 

It makes your hair look and feel lighter, with so much more movement, but with the same amount of length. 

This is a style that tends to work best with wavy hair, as this hides the layers even more. 

If you have been looking for a few new ways to wear your hair this fall, these six styles will not disappoint. Whether you want to keep things casual but chic with the “Cool Girl Chignon”, or want to go dramatic and angular with a glass hair bob, these trending hairstyles promise to hold up to all that fall may throw at them.