Skin Changes You Should Expect in Your 30s

Whether you’re in your 30’s or you will be soon, one thing that can’t be denied about this age range is your skin begins to make some changes. Truly, every age group has its own set of skin changes but the 30’s tends to be an eye-opener for the skin adjustments. In order to keep your skin healthy and looking youthful, there are some skin changes you should expect in your 30’s. Knowledge is power, after all.

Decrease in Collagen Production
The biggest, and often scariest, skin change in your 30’s is the production of collagen begins to slow down. Collagen commonly becomes much more reduced in the skin at this age, meaning your body begins producing a lot less collagen on its own.

Skin Dryness
In addition to a decrease in collagen production, many people begin to experience skin that’s drier at this age. The skin dryness often comes with a change in hormones within the body.

Less Natural Glow
The third most common skin care change to expect in your 30’s is a change in your actual skin tone. Some people experience some adjustments in the color of their skin, but more commonly related to skin tone is less of a natural glow in the skin.

While these are common skin changes in your 30’s, there are ways to keep your skin on track and healthy throughout all of it. The biggest factor that can make or break your skin changes as you age is simply using the right skin care products to accommodate the changes.

Joyce Johnson


Joyce Johnson hails from the south where it's all about cornbread, grits, and hushpuppies. She likes cocktails in the sun, high-grade SPF, and funky suede sunhats like this one.

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