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Kayla Anders

Kayla Anders graduated from CUNY in 2013 and has been a freelance writer, blogger and fashion enthusiast ever since. She considers herself an expert in fashion trends, skin care, and online dating.


Best Dishes to Try in Korea

Exploring a new city or country is always so much fun, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out everything you should do or try. No matter where you are in the world, businesses are always trying to get their hands on those tourist dollars, and when you fall prey to that, you might be missing…


4 Tips to Regrow Lost Hair

For most of us, hair is our priced possession. We envy that guy with silky hair bouncing in the wind or the girl with long thick hair till the waist. Hair loss can be treated at home by nourishing the scalp with nutrients to enhance hair growth. But before all this we need to pay…

The Malbec DNA Collection

Vine Vera Skincare is a brand that is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day after having started in 2011. Its official website is, and its store can be found in many US states and international tourist destinations too. The major ingredient used in the Vine Vera range of skin care products…